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Repeat Until Strong.

Today's practice:

- double jerks & windmills
- then a bit of the rest of the SFGI/SFGII skills, all with 24s

Today's photo: Thomas Inch - a dumbbell bent press

Today's practice:

We arrived to the mountains with @Justyna Mackova , checked out the hotel's gym, went to the town and checked another gym, and the question always was:

- Do you have kettlebells?
- Yes, we do.
- What is the heaviest kettlebell you have?
- [not heavy enough]

So, I used dumbbell instead (well, still not heavy enough, but better than kettlebellearrings)

- move prep: bent arm bar, pump, cossack
- 20x5 snatches (from the floor)
- 5x2 bent presses

@Pavel Macek
Very nice picture ! Juste enjoy

Despite you are not currently running S&S, you keep a perfect shape ! A secret to share :p

Cold shower...I am clearly addicted to that now !

Kind regards,

Despite you are not currently running S&S, you keep a perfect shape ! A secret to share :p

I kept practicing even when I was injured, plus - adult food, enough sleep, cold showers, and good mood :)

Back on track. Of course.
Do You started B&S?

The code name is Royal Simple & Sinister. Not yet, I am on holiday, but once I come back, yes. Just light kettlebells and dumbbells at the hotel.

Your arms are bigger than your legs!

I don't think so :) Anyway, I am overall small guy. By the way you reminded me this part from Enter the Kettlebell:

"A passing-by jarhead buddy of his joked, “are those your legs, or are you riding a chicken?!” Fighting men ride chickens - got a problem with that?" I am not a fighting man but I choose to ride chickens, to be strong and thin. A few months shy of my 57th birthday, I also want to be healthy in every way possible."

Well, I am a month shy of my 41st birthday, and yes, I guess I ride chicken :)
Today's practice:

"Just" the regular morning routine (breathing exercises and joint mobility). After that long hike in the mountains, close to 20km.

Today's quote & photo:

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

What an honour to see again our great teacher, @Pavel and learn. Strong Endurance rocks - it will take long time till I digest all the info from the course and the manual. When I come back home, I will immediately put some of our athletes on Strong Endurance protocols.

Next Strong Endurance is in Portland, OR, September 23-24, 2017. Recommended!

Royal Simple & Sinister
Where I find it? Can You give a link?

Article/program that I am working on for few months - it will be posted on StrongFirst blog in the future.
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