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Kettlebell Research Question


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I am a Master's Student at the University of East London currently doing my MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I am looking at doing my dissertation on StrongFirst Kettlebell training as a non-meditative alternative to mindfulness and the benefits it has on subjective wellbeing. Does anyone know of any peer-reviewed research that has been done in this field in which kettlebell training has been shown to increase well-being and the elements that come together to create subjective well-being (mindfulness, resilience, flow, growth mindset)? There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that weightlifting and kettlebell training have meditative and mindfulness properties however, I do not think that this has been studied as yet.


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There are many types of meditation as you may know. It would seem to me that lifting and practicing a task like kettlebell lifting could involve focus like many types of meditation involve. However, not all types of meditation involve focus. Another type (Dr Ainslie Meares' meditation method) involves relaxation so the mind slows down and stills. This is calming and it can sometimes be quite profound. Essentially, you learn to meditate in this way in one position and the mind slows and stills. However, one can also learn to cultivate the calm after meditation as you go about doing things and this would include kettlebell lifting or any other physical activity. Back in the 1970s, Meares who was a trail blazer, referred to the calm and ease after meditation as the onward flow of meditation, usually using the word onflow. If you happen to be unfamiliar with his work, worth looking into.

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Sounds like a fantastic research project. It overlaps with some of my own interests, though I come at it from the field of philosophy rather than psychology. I'm not currently aware of any literature on this, and I don't often hear people talk about it. The closest I have heard is this podcast conversation with Tim Almond. I don't know Tim, but based on that conversation, he might be a good resource for your project.

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I definitely focus when I have a heavy bell above my face at the start of a TGU ?.
Without doubt S&S supported my mental health during lockdown.


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Unfortunately I haven't seen any literature on this topic, which makes me all the more interested in your dissertation. Please keep us updated - I really want to read it when you publish!
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