Resets only for a while

Jak Nieuwenhuis

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Has anyone else done this?

I am talking relatively soft resets too - regressions such as hands to knees dead bugs, bird dogs, egg rolls, head nods, croc breathing?

Ive been working a lot of manual labor lately, and feel kind of beat up from it to be honest, manual labor is a great strengtn builder by the way.


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I spent close to 3 months doing only an almost daily reset of:
  • 10 min rolling
  • 10 min rocking
  • 10-60 min baby crawling
  • 10 min cross crawling
  • 3 min O/S knee pushups
Here's a more recent challenge that sounds closer to what you are talking about:

Ten Minutes a Day to Change Your Life | Original Strength

"10 minutes of rolling paired with at least 5 minutes of smiling while you roll every day for 30 days"

Denny Phillips

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Over the winter I simply wore myself out. I was trying to do a little something every day along with trying a few new things along the way. The net effect was a witches brew that needed to be simplified. After spending ten days doing nothing but resets and walking I felt like a new man.
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