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Old Forum Results from Kettlebells and Deadlift go together like Vodka and Pickles

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I'm starting over with "<a title="Pickles and Vodka" href="">Pickles and Vodka</a>" using my same numbers because I didn't heed warnings and failed. If I stay at the same or less RPE (rate of perceived exertion), I'll continue. If above my previous RPE numbers, it's time for a change.

Your call. Stay strong!
Completed 3 cycles of the program taking my max of 140KG (311lbs) as base for the program (last time I deadlifted was november last year).
Tested 6 days after the last workout of cycle 3 and ended up deadlifting 170KG. (378lbs)
Very happy with the result, I’ll probably repeat the program in 3-4 months

 prying goblets were with 16, goblets, swings, cleans after DL with 32.. 2 times I did a 16kg snatch test with the last one coming in at 4m25s for 100 snatches. As I also wanted to work on grip more I also added some light (60-70KG) sumo DL’s with fatgripz, 7-10s hold at the top for 6 reps to most workouts
G'day all,

I just completed 4 cycles of Vodka & Pickles, using 115kg as a conservative max. Tested the deadlift yesterday, and pulled 130kg x1. Very happy with this, as it equals my heaviest deadlift from a couple of years ago (before I hurt myself and had a long lay off ). My goal of 2x bodyweight (~150kg) is in sight. Thank you, Pavel, for a successful and enjoyable program!

When I tested myself, I confirmed that my sticking point is most definitely the first couple of inches off the floor. I was unable to pull 135kg off the floor (got a bit enthusiastic), but pulled 140kg easily when the bar height was increased about 2 inches (smooth, easy lockout, no worries with grip).

So I want to ask if anybody has advice on this sticking point? I want to start part II of the program, how can I simultaneously attack this weakness? Deadlift from a deficit? My stance is fairly wide sumo (6'1", lanky, slim build) and I'm an amateur, self-trained lifter (as if that wasn't obvious).

The bottom is the sticking point of a wide sumo and that won't change--as the leverage is poorest there and only gets better from that point on up (the lockout is a breeze, no?). That said, you can definitely improve your active flexibility and tension at the start and that will help you reduce just how much of a limiting factor it is.

Pulling from a small deficit--maybe just an inch or two to start, and eventually working up to 3'', will help. Be careful to duplicate your normal positioning in a pull from the floor exactly. Alternatively, you can pull with 35lb instead of 45lb plates on the bar.

The other thing to try is paused pulls. One good way to do it--pull an inch off the floor and pause for a two count. Then, lower to the floor, pause again, pull an inch off the floor and pause a second time, then lock out.

Perhaps do an entire cycle of 'vodka and pickles' from that shallow deficit, or run through the cycle following the normal lifts from the floor with a backoff set of paused pulls--1 set, same reps, lower weight. Take an extra day off after each pulling day with the latter approach.
Sambo, great to hear!

It is time to switch to a different program, one with more DL volume.  Do 5x5 (dead stop)in the manner described in our blog months ago.  Keep doing swings, but in moderation.

In the future half DLs, from the platform to the knees, will help you. Hold off on deficit pulls for a couple of years as they easily mess up a beginner's technique.
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