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Quick note of thanks. Retiring due to total knee replacement this week. I've loved competing in TSC Masters the past nine or so years. I've had some success--won it a few times, just placed 4th at age 59. Thank you to Pavel: I've never felt that you weren't talking straight to me personally. Thanks to DJ Wittekind at Queen City Kettlebell Club: friend, coach, and first rate host, leading by example. Thanks to Strongfirst for organizing: keep the underground vibe. And a huge thank you to my fellow competitors, especially in the Masters age bracket. I always knew you would be bringing it. Monsters walk the earth, and some have some serious mileage on them! I might participate sometime down the road, for the comraderie and to check my pullup and snatch numbers, but no more heavy dl singles--I promised my wife. DB

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@David Burk, welcome to our forum, and congratulations on all you've achieved!

You know, some people do unbelievable things on artificial joints. I can't say what's possible with what, but I certainly wouldn't rule out a lift until you discuss it with your doctor.


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Mark Reifkind had a knee replacement a few years ago. You can follow his recovery from it on his blog: Rifs Blog

Awesome high energy guy. I took the Strongfirst KB course from him a couple of years ago, loved the course and Mark and Tracy Reifkind. Great people. Sorry Mark quit Strongfirst, still don't understand that but I don't walk in those circles.

Just had a second knee surgery (I'm 67) a couple of weeks ago. Talking to my PT I mentioned I was afraid of knee replacements because they didn't go well sometimes. He said they do take a while to recover from, perhaps a year, but he's seen hundreds of patients with knee replacements and the majority do very well eventually and do whatever they were doing before. I'd be optimistic.


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I think a lot of Ortho's actually encourage knee replacement patients to do some form of weight bearing exercise, competing in the DL might be a bit much but there will be a lot you can do.

I'm well overdue for a knee replacement myself, the "good one" has been doing most of the work for over 25 years so it's almost shot too. So I really need two.

I was looking into knee replacement surgery last year and I found some of them are doing what they call a 3D knee. It's printed on a 3D printer and is more of custom fit than the older "off the shelf" prosthetics. They are said to have a faster recovery period when done that way and have better biomechanics in that they retain a more natural hip and ankle movement pattern - which is important because a degree or two of misalignment can be very taxing on other joints and even the spine.

Anyway that lead me to an online University course on 3D Bio printing. I joined the course out of curiosity and learned that it's now possible to "print" many different types of human tissue including bone & cartilage and there's even work being done on printing organs. Australian scientists have developed what they call a bio pen that can be used to resurface worn joints with a handheld version of a 3D printer that replaces the worn cartilage.
The BioPen: 3D Bioprinting Pen Lets Surgeons Draw New Cells Directly Onto Bone

They way things are going one day we'll have replacement parts made from 3D printed versions of our originals.

I'll probably miss the cut for that type of tech as I need mine done now, but the playing field is changing rapidly.
Bioprinting World | Medical Applications of 3D Printing
Doctors Can Now Successfully 3D Print A Knee Joint

Sorry to side track your thread David.

In my experience being in good shape before any operation greatly enhances your recovery. I hope everything goes well for you & you have a speedy recovery.
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Thanks, Friends. I've just been looking at Rif's Blog and plan to study it further. It is some of the most useful info I've seen on returning to training after tkr, and I've been looking awhile. Surgery next Monday. DB
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