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    Looking for some input on the reverse hyper. I’ve been wanting to get one for years as a great tool for rehab and strengthening the posterior chain. I’ve never used one and haven’t talked to anyone that’s used one. Might pull the trigger on Black Friday since I finally have the funds..
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    Not worth it.

    For rehab work you can use some other form of bench or even just your regular sturdy table and a band (see first vid below).
    KB ballistics & SLDLs, barbell deadlift variations, oly lifts and some squat variations (like low-bar backsquats) will cover everything you need for the posterior chain. You can even include bodyweight stuff like natural glute-ham raises (see second vid, note: these are super hard even for accomplished lifters).
    Even if you only use some of the things I listed, it will leave no gaps in your PC development (strength, power & hypertrophy).
    Bodyweight is for free.
    A good barbell with weights will cost you 700-1000$ (new), but you will have countless of different exercises you can use it for.
    For 1000$ you also get a full set of high quality KBs (8-48Kg in 4Kg steps) and just like with the barbell you can use it for a lot of other exercises.
    Now to get to the reverse hyper machine. These things cost 500+$ (Rogue 800$, Westside from 950$ to almost 3500$ :eek:), but you can only use them for reverse hypers (and maybe 1 or 2 special movements, that nobody really does anyway).

    So ask yourself do you want to buy a tool that's only good for one specific exercise when for the same price you could get one or multiple other tools that can be used for countless exercises.
    Even if you already got the other tools wouldn't it be better to use the money for something else? For example a weekend city trip with your girlfriend/wife, buying a new set of winter tires, going to a SFG/SFL/SFB one-day course or even saving more money and attend a SFG/SFL/SFB cert?

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    It is a lot of money for something that only has one purpose. I already have a full garage gym with everything I need, this is just something I’ve been looking at for a while. I had back injuries in the past and those Westside guys swear by this thing saying it has great spinal decompression benefits. But you’re right I can definitely spend $800 on something better that serves multiple purposes. Maybe even a cert with SF. That would be way more valuable in the long run. Just need to figure out next time they are near me. Thanks for the advice
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    Every person that I've heard that has used one says it's well worth the money. With that said, I'd probably take my money to a welder/fabricator and see if he can make me one for half of that. Even a rudimentary one.

    It seems like a simple concept to duplicate.
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    You can get a machine like this for $150 at Fitness Gear 2017 Pro GHD Weight Bench - I'd get an inexpensive one to see if I liked it first. Maybe try your local craigslist or similar for a used one.

    FWIW, I owned one of these - Pavel had one featured in Resilient, I think it was. I used it for a while but it was a uni-tasked - took up too much space and didn't do enough, and I feel fine without it.


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    Thanks for the input Sir
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