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(I used Google translate)

Hello Brothers of strength! I am a sfg1 instructor and today I take the sfb certification. I am also a calisthenics athlete and as many people ask how they can get to muscle up, I would like to give small drills to those trying to learn this skill.

  • First thing to arrive from 10 to 15 Pull up strict but with the thumb wrapping around the bar. Touch each repetition with the chest, not the neck.
  • After that work on higher single or double, with a slight oscillation, the secret to get over the chest? Activate the hollow body at the exact moment where you are past the bar and you are going back, at the same time pull.
  • Work the transition with tiger push ups. The more your hands are forward, the easier it will be to move, the more difficult it will be below. We are students of strength, working on low reps and switching to the more difficult version as soon as you close a 5x5.
  • After putting strength into the transition and conditioning the triceps and elbows, work with the negatives.
  • Now when you work the singles try to throw the bar over it. Do not steal by climbing one arm at a time, do not wear external elbows. Make your muscles up clean

This is a link on my video but sorry it's in italian:

I hope I was helpful, I also create a program on it. Thank you and good day

Peter Yeates

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@Alessio Thanks for your post and detailed video. As far as I can tell you are using a normal grip on the bar, is there a reason you don't use the false grip. Maybe you cover this in the video but I don't understand Italian so looked at it with no sound.


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Hi! The false socket is mainly used in the slow version. In the normal version it is not used because it facilitates movement too much and in a competition it would not be counted. @Peter Yeates
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