Romanian deadlift lift


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due to a old injury it is challenging for me to do both conventional and sumo style deadlift. I’m weighing the comparison of barbell Romanian deadlifts (predominantly hip hinge) or using a trap bar with more of a 45 degree torso angle. Any suggestions or comments would be more then appreciated.

Steve Freides

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It would help us to know more about your injury, and to see video of some deadlifts of your choice with the weights of your choice. Your deadlift should always be predominantly a hip hinge. A trap bar DL isn't a DL, it's a different lift and a perfectly fine one.


Philippe Geoffrion

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Trap Bar is a fine alternative. The main problem I see with RDL's as a replacement is that they don't qualify one of the fundamental aspects of what a deadlift is: a lift that starts from the bottom. I see this as one of the best benefits of the DL, as it requires you to assume proper position and technique before even lifting the weight and this is how we'd lift most things in everyday life.

A deadlift off of blocks would be another viable option, as would be other deadlifts you may not have tried, i.e. Jefferson or Behind the back, depending on what your injury prevents you from doing. Even practicing deadlifting a light K-Bell while you heal up and take a break from the bar would be a solid practice to get you grooving again.
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