RoP and pull-ups

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I've been doing my RoP sessions with a combination of pull-ups as ETK advices.
However I've been wondering how others have been doing this.

Right now I only use my bodyweight and focus on the concentric fase of the pull-up to make things a little heavier. I don't have a dip belt (yet, but do plan on getting one) and I've tried holding a KB with my feet, but the KB just slips and I am afraid I will damage my floor (even more scared of the ensueing fight with the wife). So how do you go about your pull-ups?

Also, how do you go about this when you are away from home/gym? At home I have a pull-up bar, but I don't have this luxury everywhere I go? Is it best to substitute it with something else or do you just skip it?


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I've had trouble with keeping the KB on my feet for pullups too - always figured it'd be best to get a dip belt if I were going to do weighted pullups consistently...

For a pullup bar, I'm in a similar boat right now, except that my doorframes won't fit a bar at all in my current house. I've sometimes had luck with public parks, or near a university campus there's generally a bar outside the ROTC building or gym. There are a very few places online where people have started interactive maps for finding outdoor bars (hopefully it's ok to link to a google map like this):
Trees are also an option - just don't break someone's ornamental pear! :p (It's also hard sometimes to be the person doing pullups on a tree near a busy road.) I've occasionally gotten lucky while traveling and been at a hotel with an actual pullup bar in the gym. Doing horizontal rows under a table *might* work but it's really a different thing than pullups - maybe not best with RoP.

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Learn how to keep a kettlebell on your foot for the pullups - does good things for calf muscles. Start light, and don't ever go super-heavy with it. I think a 32 kg is the most I've had on one foot. I don't go barefoot, but you don't need a fancy, padded shoe, either, for this.

Pullups generally benefit from variety, so vary everything - chinup, pullup, neutral grip; weight on your feet, weight on a belt, weighted vest or backpack, and my personal favorite, a hex dumbbell held between your feet.

Pullups in the ROP are optional - that means you don't have to do them so, if it doesn't work for you, leave them out. If you put them in once in a while, be easy on yourself and don't make it a test, just add a few pullups.



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Gymnastic rings!
Trees, big signs, high fences...a lot of things to throw them over and start your pullups wherever you are.


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For weighted pullups I use a 1" wide canvas strap tied into a loop.(from an outdoor store) I can thread it plates then put my feet through and flex my knees. The strap is above my calf in the crook of my knee. Can't really use a hollow postion this way but I can use more weight than I can hold on my foot.
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