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Kettlebell ROP but with a barbell for two sessions

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Simply strong

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Can I still expect results if I substitute two of the press ladder sessions for the same rep/sets but with a barbell thats double my kettlebell weight?

For example
Monday (heavy day); 24kg bell, 5 x (1,2,3,4)
Wednesday (light day); 50kg bar, 5 x (1,2)
Friday (medium day); 50kg bar; 5 x (1,2,3)

Normally I am a huge advocate of following a given program to the letter and that making changes is a bad thing, however circumstances are forcing my hand here. Either I can run ROP like this or I have to just leave it and run a different plan for a while.
No, unfortunately probably not.
The reason being that bb c&p is much less "forgiving" than with a kb.
You probably have to reduce the volume quite a bit.
The best option would be to follow a bb-specific routine, if a bb is your equipement of choice.
First thing is your goal. The best would be to follow ROP to the letter.
Second thing: your constraints. You cannot follow ROP to the letter.

Your programming can work if you really treat Wednesday and Friday as light and medium days (in a Specialized variety view).
I would however change the programming. You cannot just take a barbell twice heavier than a kettlebell and apply the same programming. The systemic effect of one barbell set at 50kg is much higher than a Left+Right set at 24kg.

I don't see ladders at 50kg as light and medium if you are pressing a 24kg at the moment.
Reduce volume and load on barbell days.
I would start with two sets of 5 of Presses, not clean and press, at 45kg, and do 3 sets of 5 of presses at 50kg on Friday as a start. See how it works, and adapt volume and load to make it really light and medium.
The main goal is to progress on your heavy kettlebell day.
Good things said so far,

Will it work? To a degree but there's another point. The aim is three 'practices' of a given movement - its as much skill acquisition as pure mechanical loading. As such you won't get as progress in myind as you won't have as many opportunities to get better at the movement with that load
Principles are universal..

Given you cannot follow ROP to the letter, but it does not mean you can't do ladders with another implement.

Ladders of 1,2,3 for 4 sets.. Once done strongly, add a minimal amount of load to the bar.. Rinse, repeat til strong
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