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Kettlebell ROP with Dumbbells


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Hello Strongfriends!

I have been working on ROP for about a month now with a 32kg and its getting easier. My goal is to press the beast.
My issue is Ive currently started a new job which has me staying in a camp during the week and to my dissapointment the camp gym doesnt have Kettlebells. It does have dumbbells and barbells.
So to continue my progress with ROP my question is has anyone done ROP with Dumbbells before? Or suggest another program they think might be better to follow with dumbbells

John Grahill

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I haven't run the ROP with a dumbbell, but I recently did "Kettlebell Strong" using the 2 Dumbbell C+P. It worked well. I'm certain the Dumbbell ROP would work well also. One word of caution from my experience (s)....I love dumbbell pressing but I find it much tougher than kettlebell pressing. I find my kettlebell presses for any given rep range are about 10 pounds heavier. The rack is easier with a kettlebell. I have heard others say the opposite but don't be surprised if your 70 lb kettlebell press translates to a lesser dumbbell press.

This certainly doesn't make them bad at all, just a little different.


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I think the same as John Grahill. Presses are slightly harder with dumbbells for the same weight.
With regard to dumbbell cleans: I have always cleaned (both single and double) from inside my legs, not outside; and it is a hanging clean, not a dead clean, with a little swinging movement, similar to a kettlebell clean. No problem with it.
The ROP is perfectly doable with dumbbells, but maybe the loads will not be the same.
However, I prefer to swing with a kettlebell. But if I had to swing a dumbbell, I would hold it by one of its ends and not by the shaft. More comfortable.
A word about the rack. Mine is like the upper position of a dumbbell clean.


But for most people, the rack is this way:



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Sorry. There seems to be a problem with this image. I'll try again:


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Of course. Although I normally clean with each hand weights between 16 and 20 kilos, I only use 5, 4 and 2 kilo plates. I would never use anything bigger. It would be awkward.


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Yes, there is a version of ROP called Vintage ETK that uses the dumbbell versions of the exercises.

Here are the some videos that explain the difference:
Thankyou Kiacek this is exactly what i was looking for!
Gave it a go tonight started off light with only 20kgs doing 5x(1,2,3,4,5)
It felt good. Now to test my 5 rep max and start the program
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