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Kettlebell ROP

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I am on week two of the ROP.

Short info for context:
Army Lieutenant, 31 years young, 150lbs, 5'8" tall.
Training Kettlebell for approximately 2 years. Achieved timeless simple a year ago with dirty form. Hindsight is 20/20.
Have been consistently training an Easy Strength approach for 10 months with kettlebells. I also completed a 10,000 swing challenge with the 18kg.
I have a pullup bar, and ab wheel and one kettlebell each of 18kg, 24kg, and 32kg.

Wanting a more rigid structure, I have engaged the Rite of Passage with the 18kg bell and chin ups. Currently on week two: x1 4-rung ladder, x4 3-rung ladder.

Variety days are easy strength: One Leg Deadlifts, Hack Squats, Bodyweight Dips, Fat-Grip Overhand Wide-grip Pullup Negatives, Ab wheel and Loaded Carries.

I plan on doing GTG when I am at the computer during work hours. I will set the timer to fifteen minutes and every time I get the beep do 1 each side pistol squats and 5 T-Pushups Army Style.

Concurrently, I supervise and participate in Army PT in the early morning, while attending evening technique-only Jiu Jitsu classes. I spar or roll infrequently. This is intentional. I often get smashed during rolls due to my diminutive size and cannot spare the recovery time.

Current goals are to increase overhead pressing power, maintain and/or improve hamstring/hip power, and to improve at the Army Combat Fitness test.

Two issues with the ACFT I run into, which I hope this program will address, are quadricep burnout during the 50-meter sled pull and upper body burnout during the 2-minute T-Pushup event.

How does GTG pushups & pistols sync with the Rite of Passage?
Will this address my two issues with the ACFT?
Am I chasing too many rabbits? If so, what should be the first to go?
Good questions! I think ROP pressing, plus dips on variety day plus pushups is a fair bit of pressing! The GTG approach definitely fits though and will suit your goals. I'd recommend possibly dropping the dips for now though, or not doing GTG that day.

That said, pressing and dips have both improved my pushups indirectly
What you could do

Do pushups low volume as warmup for ROP days

gtg pistols are no issue.
Right on. I'll keep grooving pistols primarily. I'm still early in the ROP build up, so the volume is relatively low. Ill probably just drop the dips and pushups entirely to simplify and focus the effort.
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