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  1. Wesker11

    Wesker11 Helping Make Others Stronger

    I have a couple questions about rucksacks. I'm looking to get 2 kettle bells in and out of the office. Is it feasible to put these in a rucksack? Would be a 32kg and 24Kg. I've never put that much weight on my back but it would be for very short trips. Parking garage to office.

    Would on of the sacks at goruck work for this?

    Thanks for any tips.
  2. offwidth

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    Yes it's feasible.
    I don't know anything about GoRuck packs, but any high quality heavy duty mountaineering pack would work. (add some towels or blankets to stop them clanking) So would a haul bag, but not so comfy. A cheap or ultralight pack might tear with 56kg on board.
    There is a bit of an art in shouldering a pack that heavy. You could easily jack yourself up if you don't do it right. Or you could make two trips...
    Maybe a dumb question... but why not just carry them in Farmers Walk style? Get a grip workout in the bargain...
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  3. Wesker11

    Wesker11 Helping Make Others Stronger

    Mainly because I would also be carrying my lunch box and gym bag. Though I could now probably combine the ruck and gym bag into one. Plus, I get tired of the looks as well, lol.
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  4. offwidth

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    They are just wishing they were as motivated as you are...
  5. pet'

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    Karrimor is super solid. They have a great range of alpine backpack.

    Kind regards,

  6. Wesker11

    Wesker11 Helping Make Others Stronger

    Thanks for the recommendations. Since I am in the US I decided to get a GoRuck pack. Plan is to ruck one bell and farmer carry the other. I can combine my usual gym bag into the ruck pack, then that will leave a hand open for my enormous lunch box lol.

    Thanks again!
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  7. Bro Mo

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    Wow, I've never looked at the price for a goruck before. Might as well get a mystery ranch cabinet for those prices.
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  8. Wesker11

    Wesker11 Helping Make Others Stronger

    Yep, I got one of the mid range Ruckers. I'm hoping it will be a good investment much like the kettlebell is. I did a lot of looking and I couldn't really find anything in between really cheap and really expensive.
  9. RichJ

    RichJ Double-Digit Post Count

    GoRuck makes some awesome gear - huge fan - use the gr1 for weighted rucks and the gr2 for most travel. Having said that you could probably get your hands on an extra 32 and 24 for less than the cost of a GRwhatever. Then just leave the extra bells at the office.

    And since you saved so much money go ahead and buy the Gr1 anyway and use it for weighted rucks on the weekend......
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  10. RichJ

    RichJ Double-Digit Post Count

    GoRuck also offers a fairly substantial discount to former military - takes a decent bite out of the purchase price. You'll need your dd-214 or some documentation to qualify.
  11. ClaudeR

    ClaudeR Triple-Digit Post Count

    Salut Pet'

    What Karrimor would you get then, especially if you consider regular rucking with 20-25kg?

  12. pet'

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  13. kbell12

    kbell12 Strong Member of the Forum

    Make sure and invest in some advanced ruck padding technology (old dirty towels) so they don't shift around too much or dig into your back.
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  14. Whiskey_Fox

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    Skip the fancy expensive packs, unless you plan on using them as intended outside of transporting your kettlebells.

    Otherwise go for the old Alice pack w/metal frame you can pick up at any military surplus store ($50 out the door).

    just my $.02

  15. mprevost

    mprevost Helping Make Others Stronger

    GORUCK packs are great. Durable and they ride well on the back. I an hauling 50lbs of sand bags up and down the hills three days per week in mine.
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  16. kb dan

    kb dan Triple-Digit Post Count

    Curious....what goruck pack is best for hauling a 16kg or 24kg bell? I’m new to rucking and looking to hike around my neighborhood with a ruck sack and a bell. I’ve been thinking the “Rucker” is the way to go but not sure if instead should I get a GR2 or something similar.
  17. Stefan Olsson

    Stefan Olsson Helping Make Others Stronger

    Would like one aswell. I’d like to do ”cannonball run” from TB!
  18. RichJ

    RichJ Double-Digit Post Count

    I have the GR1 - it's pretty bombproof and is substantial enough to be able to carry meaningful weight. You can also use it for weekend trips and so on. Great customer service, good discount if you are current or ex-military.

    I think rucking with a 24kg bell would be really, really awkward. You (or at least I do) want weight up high, close to you and distributed evenly - pretty much the opposite of what a bell would be. (Will defer to @mprevost on that.) GoRuck sells plates or you could just toss a regular plate in the sleeve that's in the pack.

    If you're new to this and just going for general aerobic conditioning, depending on terrain, i don't think you need to be too much heavier than 40lbs all-in, or even that to be honest. (check your heart rate on your fist climb and you'll see what i mean). There is loading on all your joints, your back etc and the risk /reward ratio will start to get unfavorable at some point. I think there is an inflection point where the very marginal increase in benefit is not worth the additional risk.
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  19. offwidth

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    I agree. Dropping a KB into a pack is not the way to do it.
    Proper weight distribution is important.
  20. mprevost

    mprevost Helping Make Others Stronger

    I don't think any ruck will be able to handle both of these kettlebells, even if they can handle that amount of weight overall. The issue is how the weight is distributed. I can easily carry 60lb in my Goruck GR1 but putting a 54lb kettlebell in it does not work. Probably the best option for carrying a kettlebell is a simple hand carry. Good for you too!

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