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I have run KB Strong short course with the one program. Previous to this I was working with the 40 kg bell for S and S. I was supplementing this with a DJ 2 day a week barbell program: A Bench deadlift B Squat Bench
The benching seemed to aggravate my shoulders so I ended up subbing out for Military Press. I also experimented with Qigong and found it very beneficial.
I had asked on another thread about buying new bells and SF had mentioned what my goals are. To be honest life has been hectic and my goals recently have been just to punch the clock, hence using as written programs like Strong and minimalist barbell programs.
It has been effective as I have been able to maintain decent levels of strength and survive the rigours of family life.
I enjoy getting to the gym twice a week for the social aspect so I want to keep it as written. I can train at home with bells.
If I wanted to move towards sinister is there a 2 day barbell program that would supplement/actively support this goal?

Stefan Olsson

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If Sinister is your goal, would it be possible to train with bells in the gym? Frequency seems to be the key in S&S. My quest for Simple has led me to exclude all type of other training so far (running, barbells) in pursuit of Simple. When I get another possibility to train I dedicate it to S&S as I´ve felt that frequency is what drives my progress.


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There are bells in the gym but they only run to 24kg. I'm getting used to the 40kg so I was hoping that I could use a barbell to nudge me up to the 48kg as much for boredom and I like keeping the barbell lifts fresh.
I used to train S/S 5 days a week and run at the weekend but my gym membership fees are an incentive to get into the gym. Plus the social aspect is important too. Good luck on your road to simple..

Bro Mo

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For 2 days per week I think the routine you've been doing is pretty decent. I feel that improving barbell strength helps my S&S more than S&S helps my barbell strength. Perhaps customize it with something like:

Day 1:
Deadlift - Work up to 5RM (maybe alternate weeks with power cleans working up to a few heavy singles)
Military Press - Work up to 8RM then 3 x 10 @ 75% of 8RM

Day 2:
Front Squat - Work up to 3RM
Floor Press - Work up to 5RM then 3 x 8 @ 75% of 5RM

Should be able to keep that up for a while. Maybe take a week of only S&S periodically. I think you would be ok to superset the lower body sets with some TGUs and superset the presses with some swings too if you are recovering ok.
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