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We start with five sets of ten swings two handed and ten get ups. Start adding in one handed swings and work up to ten sets. Every few days revert back to ten sets of two handed swings. When it becomes easy start incorporating a heavier bell.
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I would advise you to reread the instructions.

The prep phase is up to you (starting with 5x10 2H swings would work, but is from S&S 1.0). Personally I am coming back from a period of repeated sickness, so I have started with 10x6 1H Swings, and am building up slowly to 10x10.

As soon as you are able to do 10x10 1H swings comfortably with a weight, your are to start the 4-week step cycle progression. Every 4 weeks add one set per side of a heavier weight (given that the fourth week was rather easy), preferably 8kg heavier for males. Every 2-3 days your do the same rep and weight scheme but with 2H swings.


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When you do the one handed swings, is the thumb pointed back or is the handle parallel with the floor on the down swing between the legs?

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@Hunter, either way is acceptable. I don't think many people point the thumb all the way to the back, but something of an angle is fine.

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