S&S 2.0 out now on kindle

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Bauer, Oct 30, 2019.

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  3. HUNTER1313

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    Is it still five days a week give or take?
  4. MikeTheBear

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    I really like the idea of the "Timeless Simple." It makes the program more autoregulatory as well as antiglycolitic. Based on version 2.0 I've decided to finally take the plunge and do S&S.
  5. Molson

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    Still almost daily as your schedule/fatigue allows up to timeless simple. Past that point it’s reduced.
  6. Nacho

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    But switch to 2H swings every other or at least every third session.
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  7. Mark Limbaga

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    Bit the bullet earlier today and wow... Definitely a good update.. A lot more detail
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  8. conor78

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    Bought the kindle version and will buy the paperback as well. Excellent update. Keep polishing the chrome.
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  9. Kiacek

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    I want to thank everyone that contributed to this thread.

    I've been thinking about starting S&S again, and this thread convinced me to buy the updated version of the book before restarting.
  10. HUNTER1313

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    Q&D arrived this week, just waiting on S&S 2.0. It should be here in the next few weeks
  11. Ray Robinson

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    I ordered 2.0 a while ago and haven't received it yet, but I'm loving the Timeless Simple concept (at least from what I have read in the forum) as well. I'm getting there with the weight part of Simple, but am lagging in the time department. The Timeless Simple concept will allow me to brag on social media earlier than I thought I would.

    With the swings I got to 32 kgs for each rep, but wasn't within the time limits. So I put together a convoluted spreadsheet that reduced the amount of time required of the swings by 5 seconds each time I practiced. I'll be happy to set that nonsense aside.
  12. q.Hung

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    no i don't think that is nonsense at all, actually i think that is a great idea
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  13. ClaudeR

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    good one ROFL

    I think you are going to like it!
    The timeless simple goal is more than just achieving something earlier, it reinforces the notion of practice, own the weight, progress (glacial but continuous), listen to your body (no timers or gadgets etc)... It really focuses on the points a lot of people misread in the previous version, and it also gives a glacially slow progression towards the weights which does 2 things: ensure that people actually own the weights; and gives an excuse to progress very slowly ROFL

    Not that I think you need any of those BTW!
    I liked the new version!
  14. Pavel Macek

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    Timeless standard rocks - what a great idea!
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  15. Mark Limbaga

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    huge understatement..

    I have done timeless simple twice in a row now and it is definitely feeling way more like a recharge..
  16. rwrjr

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    S&S 2nd Ed ordered from Amazon on Oct 28, delivered Nov 12. I'm looking forward to re-reading this classic to see what has been added/changed.
  17. Anth

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    I don't think I've seen this anywhere yet: If you acheive the timed "Simple Challenge," and you switch to 2-3 days a week, how often should you try and complete the timed challenge? Once a month?

    I say this as someone who has no plans to pursue sinister (yet).
  18. Mark Limbaga

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    once a month would be sufficient
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  19. Ray Robinson

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    Thanks; it does seem to work for me. I thought I'd set the spreadsheet aside when I did my swings yesterday, but it's so natural to rely on it that I used it. So I guess I'll keep it!
  20. MikeTheBear

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    Dude, I love convoluted spreadsheets. The more convoluted the better. It actually sounds like a good idea.

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