S&S - 2018 goal 40kg


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Morning: 30 min of swimming. It's not really swimming laps yet. I swim 1/2 length of pool, rest 30-60seconds, swim back. Repeat.

Sanbag carry's and bearhug squats. Variety of reps - nothing to strenuous

a) Power Clean
135 x 1, 1, 1
155 x 1, 1, 1
190 x 1, 1, 1

b1) OHP 125x 5, 5, 5

b2) Pullups x 5, 5, 3, 2, 1

c) abwheel x 10


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I'm a little late on posting.

WU Foam roll/mobility
32kg TGU x 4 reps total

a) Front Squat
160 x 5, 5, 5

b1) Bench Press 165 x 5, 5, 5
b2) TRX
W x 17
T x 17
Y x 17
Face pull x 17
Slow curls x 20

Row 10min at MAF HR


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GSQ 24kg x 5, 32kg x 5
HAlos 16kg x 5, 5

36kg 1H swings 10 x 10
rest 1min
36kg TGu x 10
Finished in 15:20 hitting the standards. Felt good

Run through machines 20 reps of each: Curls, tricep push down, reverse fly, back extension

Sooooo, it's almost October. I'm not sure I will hit my 2018 goal of hitting the standards with 40kg. I'm so close yet so far. I will keep working towards it. I've only been getting in one day of S&S lately due to scheduling and life. I need to get at least 2 days of it to progress. I will try my hardest to make it happen.


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Sooooo, it's almost October. I'm not sure I will hit my 2018 goal of hitting the standards with 40kg. I'm so close yet so far.
I'm in that boat with you, man. Keep enjoying the journey - obviously you're stronger than last year. You'll get there, it's just a question of when.


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Thanks for the encouragement @WhatWouldHulkDo I have come a long way. I'm going to keep plugging away.

am: Swim lessons for 30 minutes. Is it possible the more I swim the worse I get? Because that's what I feel is happening.


a) Power Cleans
135 x 1, 1, 1
160 x 1, 1, 1
195 x 1, 1, 1

b1) OHP 130 x 5, 5, 5

b2) Pullups 5, 5, 4, 2, 1

I was excited because OHP felt easier than I thought it was going to. Pullups are progressing nicely.


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32kg TGU x 6 total no rest

a) Front Squat 165 x 5, 5, 5

b) Bench Press 170 x 5, 5, 5

c) TRX
W x 18
Y x 18
T x 18
Face pull x 18
Slow curls x 20

d) Row 10min MAF HR


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16kg Snatch 5/side
16kg windmill 3/side
Monster band walks

Set a timer but did not look at it until the end.

40kg 1H swings 10 x 10
40kg TGU x 10

26:00 on the dot. This felt really good today. A couple of wobbly TGU's on the left, but overall my best S&S session with the 40 in a while.


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Set the timer and kept an eye on it, but the only goal I had was to beat last time.

41.14 kg 1H swings 10 x 10
Rest 1min
41.14 kg TGU x 10

Total time 21:35! Wow, not only way this heavier, but also much faster. I felt great especially on the swings. My gym has magnetic 2.5lbs plates that I stuck onto the 40kg bell.

Swings were about 7:40
Rest 1 min
TGU's about 12:55

Maybe I can hit my goal before the end of the year?!?!


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Sanbag carrys sandbag bearhug squats
24kg snatches x 5
Monster band walks

a) Power Clean
135 x 1, 1, 1
165 x 1, 1, 1
200 x 1, 1, 1

b1) Pullups x 5, 5, 5, 2, 1

b2) OHP 135 x 1, 1, 1

c) BB bicep curl x 30

d) Abwheel 1 x 10

Feeling great. Everything has been clicking lately.


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16kg snatches x 5/side
16kg windmill x 3/side
monster band walks
x 3

16kg prying GSQ 2x5

40kg 1H swings 10 x 10 in 6:52

rest 1 min

40kg TGU x 10 in 13:07

Total time 20:59. I was faster on my swings by :50 or so but slower on my TGU's by about :10.

Time to start working the 44 back into the mix.


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WU 24kg TGU (L/R) x 3 no rest

a) Front Squat 170 x 5, 5, 5

b) Bench Press 175 x 5, 5, 5

b2) TRX W x 20, 20, T x 20, one arm row x 10/side, face pull x 20

c) Row 10min at MAF HR

Weights felt light. My shoulder got really tight after the row. Tomorrow I'm planning on heavy TGU's and swings, hoping the shoulder loosens up by then.


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Woke up with a weird feeling in my knee and a little sciatica. I wonder if front squats are not agreeing with me. When I was doing the hip belt squats I had no problems with my back or sciatica...I will do a couple more weeks of FS before making a decision to switch or not.

24kg GSQ x 5
16kg halos 5

Offset Farmer carry 40kg/44kg KB's upstairs to second floor of gym.

1H swings x 10 (L/R) - 40, 44, 40, 44, 40

TGU (R/L) 40, 44, 40, 44, 40

Offset farmer carry back down stairs.

First time I've ever done 1H swings with the 44!! The hardest part about this workout was getting the bels up and down the stairs!

I think tomorrow I will just do some swimming and a lot of stretching the hot tub and sauna. An active recovery day.


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Started out feeling pretty good.

24kg TGU's (L/R) x 5

a) Front squats 165lbs (2-3-5) x 2
I only got to the second round 2 reps before I called it quits.

b) Bench press
180 x 5, 5, 5

c) TRX W, face pulls, T's x 20, 20, 20, 20

My right knee and sciatica acted up during the squats. I feel like I could have pushed through it, and was very tempted to do just that, but I didn't. I'm glad I didn't because now it's a couple hours later and my knee is really talking to me. TGU's didn't seem to have any negative effect. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a S&S session, I'll play it by ear.
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