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Kettlebell S&S and armour building

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I' wondering what everyone's thoughts are on alternating these two. Ie s&s mwf and armour building tt. I've been bit by the double bell bug after total tension and thought it's not a bad doubles workout.

Bret S.

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I'm doing a variation of S&S and a doubles complex with great results. S&S + ROP go together very well too, at least for me it did. Some type of S&S training will always be included in my training plan and doubles work is awesome. I've been rehabbing my shoulder and doubles pressing is much more shoulder friendly. Don't know why but have a couple of ideas..


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Explain how you envision doing the Armour Building workout, ie as many sets as possible in set amount of time? You go/I go pacingfor a set number of rounds? EMOM? how heavy and how close is that to your one-arm press max?

I read everything I could about Armour Building/Grad Workout/ 2-1-3 when looking for the perfect double kettlebell program. DJ is (I think) purposely vague on how to program it because he says it's not a program, it's a workout.

But he's left some clues. If you make your Armour Building hard enough, I reckon he'd say your five-day-a-week plan is too much. Unless you are going really easy with the Armour Building (and going easy probably doesn't fit your goals) or really easy with your S&S, you probably need rest days.

I recently did Dry Fighting Weight - a completely different double kettlebell program but it is similar in that it is cleans, presses and front squats. I absolutely needed a rest/easy day after those workouts.
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Some time ago I asked Dan how to program his Armour Building. This is what he said (from his forum at

I wish the interwebz people would ask ME about programming my workouts. They, of course, would be bothered by my response:

Do it. Then ask.

Use it first (the 2-1-3) as part of a workout...a few rounds. Then, try tossing it twice a week for a bit. When you get past the early issues with technical stuff...foot position seems to be a common questions (move them!) can easily add them:

I would suggest three times a week one week, then twice the next. Rotate that a few times, then move along. Occasionally, make this the whole training session: go for a while. I can't imagine more than 15-20 minutes, but online I have seen people do it longer.

I originally combined this with tumbling work, so people were gassed after training. I never did 2-1-3 WITH tumbling back to back, but I can only imagine it being exhausting and the quality would drop.

The key, I have always thought, is driving that press up. So, using double 36s and making the ONE press and THEN having those damn FSs seems to be more like what I was thinking originally.

Of course, same person, the next workout you use 16s and go for a long time...there is a logic (to me) there, too.

Don't make it crazy: stick with 2-1-3 (Proven to Work!)

Have some long, light sessions. Have some I go/you go sessions. Do some sessions "On the Minute," my all-time large group training method, maybe even slide the weeks into the fractal:

Week One: Two sessions
Week Two: One session
Week Three: Three sessions

It is a "one stop shop" for KB work, not unlike the O lifts, but oddly harder for some (the damn bells are harder to control).

Eric, that 2-1-3 with swings was not an original for them either, btw. My knock on that, as always, is the issue of "more."

"More" is the enemy of "enough."
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