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This message to give a review of my (very good) daily dose press experience, a program that @Steve Freides recommended in another thread, based on the same principle as the daiily dose deadlift.
(Here is the link to the original thread about daily dose press : one arm press
And here the link to the daily dose deadlift plan : Daily Dose Deadlift Plan | StrongFirst)

My press PR is 32 kg. I did it after 3 months of heavy presses last year (soju and tuba press). When I came back to S&S, I had a great progression at my TGU, but at the same time, I lost some press strength and it was no longer possible to lift more than 28 or 30 kg on my left side. That was a kind of insoluble problem to make progress on my TGU AND on my presses, knowing that S&S is my absolute priority and that for me, there is not a big carryover from the TGU to the press (that’s not the same for everybody).

My usual practice is S&S. Since 3 month, I practice the daily dose press, and today, I pressed the 32 kg kettlebell, left and right side (very solid on the right). Three month ago, I was not able to lift 30 kg on my left side (I had a solid 28 kg press on the left side, and 30 kg on the right side).
I practice S&S 3 times a week (most of the time I use the 40 and 44 kettlebells for the get up), and I do the daily dose press 5 times a week (with 20 during 2 months for most sessions, then with 22 kg).

The DDP juste takes 5 minutes before or after my S&S sessions, and a little bit more the days off (because I must do a little warm up). This is a great way to improve the press while practicing S&S, for those who have trouble with this lift !

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