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hi all -

Would like to add in deadlifts/presses to a S&S 'base' program to get them full body effect from the swings and curious if there are any suggestions and/or similar stlye programs that anyone has tried or would recommend

Option 1

S&S 3-4x/week
PTTP 2x/week

Option 2

S&S 5-6x/week + DL (5, 3, 2) work on 2 of these days while cutting out TGU

Option 3

DL 5, 3, 2
KB press ladder 1, 2, 3 x 3
KB Swings 5x10

**this workout was mentioned in 'Easy Strength by Dan John / Pavel'

Lastly, I understand S&S is great on its own - just personally would like to strategize a way to optimally work in the other lifts without burning out


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my personal experience:

a) Swings + Deadlifts play well together. Do one day of deadlifts a week, a bit more volume than 5/3/2 straight-across, perhaps work up to a double and just call it. Then 3-4 days of Swings. Just in case, I avoid swings prior to the deadlift day.

b) TGU + Presses do NOT play well together. At least in my experience - doing them in the same session fries me if you are working near max weights (in my case, the 32kg). And doing them them on alternate days don't seem to work either... I ended progressing in neither. Maybe other folks have got different mileage but I found concentrating on TGUs for 4 weeks, then switching to Presses for 4 weeks, etc, works better.

So on that note, I would pick your Option 2, but only do TGU or Presses rather than both.


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Two ideas that have been tried by forum members are:

- s&s + daily dose deadlift.
- cycling 2 weeks of s&s and 2 weeks of pttp (in your case it could be deadlifts and kb military press ladders).

Sean M

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My thoughts:

Option 3 is good. Start with goblet squats and end with (or do before deadlifts) get-ups as an "anterior chain" exercise (in a scheme such as weight ladder, or wave between 2-3 half-reps heavy, 5 reps medium, and 4 x 2/2 reps light) and it's a pretty complete package.

Other options to consider:
  • S&S near-daily + Daily Dose Deadlift at a different time of day, with some KB presses between DL sets. DDDL is a great program I've had success with - it doesn't take a lot out of you, and it doesn't take long to perform (~10 minutes most days, a bit longer on the heavier days).
  • Alternate two weeks of S&S with two weeks of PTTP with KB press ladders for the press (alternate 5, 4, or 3 ladders starting with 1,2,3 of 5RM). Extend either cycle if you're on a roll (especially PTTP)
PTTP is supposed to be high-frequency, so I would not do it only 2x a week. 3x a week is the "Russian Bear" version (which would need to exclude other programs/work), but the normal program calls for 4-5 times a week.

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I would treat it like alternating Hard-Easy days if you recover well or to peak, Hard-Easy-Easy if you don't recover well or don't need to peak. Personally, I prefer lower volume on lower body movements, higher volume on upper body movements. I also prefer and recover better from up ladders rather than down ladders.

Hard Day: S&S > DL (1-2-3)x2 > Press (2-3-5)x3
Easy Day: S&S


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Thanks all. This is great. I will experiment with the daily dose protocol to start I think..

Much feedback for those who have cycled on / off between S&S and PTTP ?


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I like option 3. Another option is Even Easier Strength. Dan John has 50-75 reps of swings/snatches in one of the templates.


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I do deadlifts ad hoc throughout the week with S&S being my base program. It's almost GTG like, but I'm making progress anyhow.
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