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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by nish1013, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. nish1013

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    Could someone help with a video demo for
    Goblet Squat demonstrating “If you are too weak to stand up with good form, set the bell down and sit back on the floor.” from S & S book.

    Seems like my knees are not in best condition, I get some pain after adding Getups and Goblet Squat . So I no longer do the lunge part of TGU ( I only use a shoe ). Would like to avoid standing part of Goblet Squat too. don’t want to avoid prying part as I noticed more power in swings after adding it.
  2. Steve Freides

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    @nish1013, a video of your goblet squat would be helpful in order for people to make suggestions.

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  3. Bauer

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    When I started out I have found Goblet Squats to be quite taxing.
    Here are a few suggestions from my experience:

    Do some Original Strength rocking every day.
    Experiment with crawling, both "baby crawling" and "leopard crawling". Roll more over the pinkie toe to protect your knees. Crawling has helped me a lot with squatting.

    And then practice squatting.
    Start with 3-5 singles.
    If you choose to work only on prying in the bottom position: Curl the bell up and down to pick it up. And add bodyweight "door knob squats".
    Work on your technique. Surround your knees with tension. Tense your midsection. Get tight. Really pull yourself down with your hip flexors and quads. This will make it harder in the beginning but easier later on. And it is safer and stronger.
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  4. Brett Jones

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    Do you have a history of injury or issues with your knees? (or anything else)
    Have you had a healthcare provider look at your knees (any physical therapy etc....)
  5. nish1013

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    @Brett Jones Thank you , found meniscal tear in my left knee when I was over 100kg , didn't do any surgery only physio . Although mostly this time I got pain in my right knee .

    Probably need some extra mobility exercises as @Bauer has suggested ? ( Thank you @Bauer)
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  6. Brett Jones

    Brett Jones StrongFirst Director of Education Staff Member Master Certified Instructor

    A movement screen and a session with a StrongFirst Certified Instructor may save you a lot of time.
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  7. nish1013

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    @Brett Jones it makes sense. I'll check with Strong Firsr GB.
    , thank you
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