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    I just finished reading the Q&D book and while I’m not really ready for (or into) that program, I very much like the dice roll concept.

    Just curious if anyone has applied it to Simple & Sinister, which I’ve been following strictly for many months now.

    FTR, I am using a 32kb ‘bell for the 1-arm swings and still working up to that weight for the TGU.
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    There's probably a lot of ways to add variability. Roll to decide on 1HS with your current weight, or 2HS with a heavier weight, or a mix of both.

    Roll to decide how you perform getups, with 1 being test volume speed(1:1 work rest) and the each other number being a variation on time under tension or consecutive sides, etc.

    You can even roll to decide if you do a session that day, maybe weight to more days on than off. 1-4, do a session, 5-6, skip that day.

    Seems there's a lot of fun you could have here
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    You should check @Pavel Macek 's Training Log since he is using die roll variability with S&S, albeit for bridging the gap between 40 and 48 kg: Repeat Until Strong.

    Training 3-4 times per week, I think he has three options for both volume and intensity, like:
    a) Volume: low, medium, high, i.e. 8, 10, or 12 sets for 1H swings // 4, 5, or 6 sets for TGUs per side
    b) Intensity: low, medium, high, i.e. mixing 32 & 40, 36 & 44, and 40 & 48 kg (not sure how he came up with this mix)

    Following the Delta20 principle you would not repeat the same condition. You could therefore also throw a coin like in the Heads & Tails plan:
    Plans for Building Powerful Pushups | StrongFirst

    Edit: He is actually mixing 40 and 48 kg at the moment, with ratios of 2:3, 3:2 and 0:5 or so
    Edit 2: And he has introduced density as a third parameter.
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    Yes, and yes. To get form 40 to 48, I used the first program you have mentioned (I call it "From Solid to Sinister: Tactical Periodization").

    To solidify the 48 and get ready for peaking and the test, I use the second one (I call it "A Date with the Beast").

    @cmerrow I suggest to follow S&S to the letter, at least until you meet the "Simple" standard, and preferably what I called "Solid" (with 40). When you do, tag me in the forum and I will send you the program.

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