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Steve Rogers

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Ok - I think I have an idea of what to do now. @offwidth, @ali, @Patrick O'Keeffe, @Anna C, @Oscar.

I came across Oscars post and found a lot of really good information here. I also searched for anyone else who has trained for a GORUCK event and came across this article How to Use StrongFirst for Successful GORUCK Prep | StrongFirst. Between these two sources of wisdom I think I have found a plan.

Here is my plan:

Monday: 45 minutes of calisthenics/running

Tuesday: S&S heavy

Wednesday: 45 minutes of calisthenics

Thursday: S&S light

Friday: Ruck (drop to 30lb weight) for 1.5 hours.

Saturday: S&S medium and cross training

Sunday: Rest

I’m getting a heart rate monitor for the Maffetone method with swings and using the A +A plan to train for strength and endurance. I understand that this isn’t pure S&S but it really fits my goal for preparing for a GORUCK tough.


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@Steve Rogers that's the first time I've read the words "Oscar" and "wisdom" in the same sentence lol .

My current training is quite similar: alternating s&s (light medium heavy) and bike riding every other day. I started 2 weeks ago and so far it's feeling good. I've also read about guys doing the base block of Tactical Barbell 2 in a similar manner to good results.

Question: shouldn't you be rucking more if you are training for a goruck?


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I guess we'll find out! I'm trying not to over-train. It can be worse (in my opinion) than under-training.

Timothy Friel

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@steverogers I just started working towards a go ruck. Pm me if you'd like to talk about what I'm doing and maybe it will give you some ideas.


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I train judo 2-5 days a week, and sometimes it's hard to fit in even 3 S&S sessions due to soreness and fatigue. I think if I don't do it at least 3 times a week, I'm missing out on something.


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Pretty decent...
One form correction... your right leg (the straight one) was popping. Concentrate on pushing that heel into the ground and rolling into the move. Also, a minor point is that part way through you were looking at the bell (good) then you shifted your gaze forward and then back to the bell. You should keep looking at the bell until you are fully in the half kneeling position then look forward.
But overall I thought it looked good

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@Steve Rogers, another suggestion for you. Try to place your down arm a little closer to your body at the start. You'll find it brings a different kind of emphasis - you'll more need to really drive from the bent leg through your torso and into the down shoulder. It will also let you keep the downside hand in about the same place as you transition from elbow to hand - the hand will rotate but it'll be in approximately the right spot on the floor from the beginning.

A comment on @offwidth's suggestion - it's been my experience that some people do best with what he's suggesting, a focus on keep the down leg down, but others do better with a focus on keeping the down leg out of the picture altogether and just focusing on bringing strength and tension to one side of the X (bent leg heel to down shoulder) while not activating the other. It's a thing to experiment with.

You've made a fine start at getups - keep up the good work.

Mr. Jones, @Brett Jones, anything you would add to this discussion?

Thanks, everyone.

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