S&S Downtime programm, wrist injury

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Nacho, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Nacho

    Nacho Double-Digit Post Count

    Damn, I injured my wrist playing golf. I will go see a doctor, but for sure I have at least some days/weeks ahead of me not being able to perform S&S routine.

    I have a weighted vest and resistance bands.
    I can do at least squats, lunges, some sort of hip thrusts (with a band or glute bridges) for my lower body.
    Maybe some planks would be beneficial...
    I was wondering if I could somehow use resistance bands not holding them in my hand, but wrapping them around my forearm.

    Main thing is, I have tendency for back problems and KB has been a very important cure for it.
    The functionality, hip hinge, glutes firing etc...
    I need to keep my self in shape somehow until I can do S&S again.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Bauer

    Bauer More than 300 posts

    Bear hug carries with sand bags. Dan John used them when his wrist was injured. He has an article about it. You can also do some hinges with it.

    And then there are planks and "bodysaw" for midsection work.

    And bodyweight squats or sprints for the legs. Maybe even depth jumps.

    Rucking might be another great option.
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  3. North Coast Miller

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    Steve Maxwell demo'd resistance band hinges by running the bands under his feet and up to the crook of the elbow. Hold arms out from body roughly 90° and hinge. You can do these w/ sandbag as well or just do front or rear sandbag Good Mornings.

    You can also do lateral raises with band running to crook of elbow or forearm, running the bands down to your feet, performed forward you'll get a bit of pec in the mix.

    Isometrics or yielding iso might also be an option if the wrist has any functionality or the towel/cord/band etc can be run across the forearm. Used to do a solid upper body yielding iso session while running the dog by working pull - short canvas strap run forearm to forearm and resist pull with either side as you run - just looks like you're jogging. Can also run elbow to elbow across the back to hit anterior. Not perfect but you'd be surprised how effective it can be as a work-around.

    I'm sure this would work equally well with bodyweight lunges. If you can use the hands you will be able to hit more angles.
  4. Bauer

    Bauer More than 300 posts

    Crawling on the forearms is also pretty challenging.
  5. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Practicing total body tension holds will yield some fantastic returns. You may even gain some strength while you're 'down'. You can do it GTG style throughout the day, I've tried it and know it works.
    Let me guess, a shot out of the rough?
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  6. Nacho

    Nacho Double-Digit Post Count

    Thanks for your ideas!

    Good guess Bret, but It was actually a normal tee shot. I sort of saved a bad swing with some funky hand action. Got the ball on the fairway but somehow strained my wrist while doing so.
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  7. Bro Mo

    Bro Mo Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    During my multiple months of shoulder surgery(s) downtime, I pulled a sled a lot. Does dragging stuff create a work horse or do work horses drag stuff?
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  8. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    For upper body, have you considered push ups on your fists? Your wrist might allow that.
  9. Nacho

    Nacho Double-Digit Post Count

    Had some good news from doctor! He said it should heal pretty quickly. Had some pain killers and he said I can do whatever I can within limits of pain.

    I can actually do kettlebell swings already, but TGU is a no no, because using left as a support hand causes pain.

    I can do the very first part of TGU, lifting myself to my elbow.
    I have never tried windmills, I guess performing those would be a good idea until wrist is healed... ?
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  10. SuperGirevik

    SuperGirevik Triple-Digit Post Count

    Glad to hear that the injury isn’t very serious.

    As for TGUs, have you tried doing them with a lighter kettlebell? If it still hurts, maybe you can try a dumbbell (since it will not pull the wrist in a particular direction. Or if that doesn’t work, try using a sneaker like Pavel suggests in S&S and work on perfecting your technique.

    This way you can still do your S&S routine (y)

    EDIT: Just noticed that you are experiencing pain on your left hand during the support phase. Sorry about that, it was early morning when I wrote that and my brain hadn’t warmed up yet.
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  11. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

    Good news! If you can hold your getup bell without difficulty you can do getups off the elbow and bypass having the hand down for support. Being on your knees with the elbow down and the bell arm extended upward turns out to be an excellent T-spine mobility move, it's actually more effective than arm bars IMO
  12. Oscar

    Oscar Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    A while back there was a thread where a guy was transitioning directly from elbow to tripod, skipping the tall sit. @Anna C gave it a try iirc. You can try it with a light kb

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