S&S for life?

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Oskarand, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Oskarand

    Oskarand Double-Digit Post Count

    Friends. As we are getting older I believe training goals change a bit. For me, I train mainly to stay healthy.

    Would you say that S&S could be a program that we can do for the rest for our lives if we want to stay healthy? Maybe not every day as in the book but 2-3 times a week?

    Add on question - who is the oldest on the forums that are still using Kettlebells? :) And how do you like it?
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  2. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    Check out @Jim Lauerman's log Finish Strong. Lots of good stuff there.
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  3. Jim Lauerman

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    As Ryan T. noted, I am still using kettlebells as I approach my 70th birthday in June. (Man, I hope I’m not THE oldest person doing so! I know few years ago a 72 year-old gentleman obtained his SFG, so I doubt if I hold that distinction).

    Although I liberally substitute OS resets and crawling in my regimen to maintain and improve my movement patterns, I still cycle in periods of Goblet Squats, Swings, and TGU’s frequently. It’s not S&S “per se” as I don’t chase S&S performance numbers, but it’s hard to beat those three movements as a one stop shop for healthy aging.

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  4. Marc

    Marc More than 500 posts

    @Oskarand I'd say S&S even when done "only" 2-3x/week is an excellent choice for your purposes.
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  5. guardian7

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    I recommend the book The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After Forty which has quite a few chapters on the relationship between resistance training and aging before getting down to barbell details later in the book. You can't go wrong with S&S but I am convinced from this book and other sources that compound exercises should be done throughout the lifecycle as long as you are able to do them without injury. Just reduce load as needed. If we lift from a health perspective rather than a competitive one, the risk of injury is quite low. You can work at 70-80 percent rep max without testing your RM for life basically. This can be accomplished with a minimal time commitment a couple times a week. I intend to keep going until I am reduced to using only an unloaded bar!
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  6. Oskarand

    Oskarand Double-Digit Post Count

    Sounds good to me! Then swings and TGUs for life it is! (I am 40 now). Already I am not really chasing the numbers. I want to be healthy and have good energy. I am on 24 kg now and do it 2-3 times a week. I will check out finish strong!
  7. offwidth

    offwidth More than 5000 posts

    This is about a year out of date.
    I'll get around to updating it one of these days.
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  8. banzaiengr

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    59 here and I think it depends on your goals. S&S is a fine program but you must remember it is programed to be the minimal you can do and see results.

    An A+A program with snatches or swings and an hour of walking daily would also fit the bill. Add some crawling and/or a few bodyweight exercises and you'd be set.

    I think there would be many fine programs you could look at. Both KB and barbell. What is important as we age is doing what you can recover from.
  9. vegpedlr

    vegpedlr More than 500 posts

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  10. Pavel Macek

    Pavel Macek More than 2500 posts Master Instructor

    Respect Jim, Health & Strength, sir!
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  11. Jim Lauerman

    Jim Lauerman More than 300 posts

    Thank you, Pavel for the kind words and for all you do for Strong First.
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  12. cmerrow

    cmerrow Double-Digit Post Count

    @Oskarand That’s my plan. After 6 months of struggling to maintain a specific regimen at a very busy commercial gym, I gave up - and went back to S&S at home.

    I’ll be 50 this year, and agree that goals change. “Health” is a perfectly fine one! There’s plenty of room for a little bit of variety in S&S to keep things perpetually interesting. Of course, it took awhile for me to realize this. I’m actually glad the horrid experience of a chain gym brought me back.
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  13. Coyote

    Coyote Double-Digit Post Count

    I am sorry, what is DMPM?

    I am 52 and still chasing Simple, while also chasing running goals and working at a physically active job, (I am a carpenter) and honestly it can be a little too much at times. Running and GPP are my priorities so SS is what occasionally suffers. My plan is to run one day, and SS the next, with no rest days, but that schedule left me wrecked this week. Of course I also had a week where I framed, drywalled and hung a door in a 30' wall this week . Including carrying all materials and tools to a 2nd floor location. I was tired this morning, so I missed an SS day, but I will run tomorrow .

    So only 3 SS sessions this week. I feel guilty, but guilty is better then sick or hurt I suppose. I don't seem to be making huge progress on SS this way, but I think it's a decent GPP plan. I dont know so I will follow this with interest.
  14. Ryan T

    Ryan T More than 500 posts

    I hope you know I wasn’t trying to suggest this!ROFL
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  15. vegpedlr

    vegpedlr More than 500 posts

    DMPM =Dan Martin Program Minimum

    A KB/BW circuit consisting of swings, goblet squats, push ups and rows. Finish with a suitcase carry. There is discussion of the variations at Dan John’s forum.
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  16. dc

    dc More than 300 posts

    @Coyote have you tried dropping your s&s weight on days when you’re not up to it.
    I work long hours with little sleep (2:30/3am starts), there are days I’ve got nothing in the tank but I’ve learnt that if I drop the weight & do s&s anyway I get a charge up from it.
    I’ve come home struggling had a nap & woken up feeling worse, then had trouble sleeping that night.
    I’ve also come home struggling done s&s with next bell down & finished feeling much better than when I started, sleep like a log those nights as well.
    You’ll find that on your good days your working bell feels a lot more manageable too when you’re not pushing through with it on the tough days.
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  17. Oscar

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    Is there any reason an older person should apply different training principles or schemes? Of course loads, intensities etc have to be adapted to individual capabilities, but that applies to everybody.

    I don't see doing only S&S as a good idea for an older folk, in particular due to the limited hypertrophy the program grants.

    Why don't you cycle S&S with other things like everybody else does after achieving Simple? 3 months S&S, 3 months barbell, back to S&S, double KB program, 1 year of A+A .... and so on.

    Maybe if simple is too high of a goal for a given person, he/She doesn't need to wait until reaching it before starting cycling programs.

    Edit- this a great article about cycling programs throughout the year

    To Every Season: A Simple Way to Structure a Year of Training | StrongFirst
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  18. Kozushi

    Kozushi Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I've been doing it for three years. I also do judo and some hiking, so doing S&S every day is not going to happen. 2-3 times a week is how often I do it. I plan to keep doing it for life.

    I think walking is super important. I don't think "only S&S" is what S&S is for. It is there as a base for strength and heart health. It can be the only thing you do, maybe, but it shouldn't be the only thing you do. Do it, yes, anywhere from 2-5/6 times a week, on average, but get out and do other things. Hike, play a sport, swim, cycle, jump rope, play tennis, do Karate (I highly recommend Karate for anyone inclined to it as it's perfectly safe and a nifty, interesting martial art and athletic pursuit!)
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  19. Coyote

    Coyote Double-Digit Post Count

    @dc I need to do that more. I am mainly using a 24kg right now and a 16g (my next lighter) just seems awfully easy, but I suppose it would be better then nothing!

  20. dc

    dc More than 300 posts

    S&S with 16 better than no S&S at all.
    Give it a try on the days you’re not feeling it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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