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Discussion in 'Simple and Sinister FAQ Questions' started by Kanji, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Kanji

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    Hi folks. I am 6'1 and 150-155lbs, I compete in marathon and distance running races. I run mostly 7 days per week. I am just getting started with S&S and wanted to see how often would you suggest I do it to progress to the Simple standard for now while enhancing my running without wearing me out too much. I also plan to have at least 1 day per week to practice some deadlifts and some occasional calistenics. Would I be able to make progress in S&S with 2-3 days training per week or would you aim for 4-6 days per week?
  2. jef

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    Your sport is running, not kettlebell, so your kettlebell practice should enhance your running.

    It is hard to tell for sure, as we don't know the volume of your running and how you recover from it.
    Out of the dark, I would think that 2-3 days per week is a good starting point. My concern would be that you are running everyday, so you would have to plan your session in a way that they don't rob from each other.
    Progress will be slower than 6 days per week, but as long as it supports your running, who cares?
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  3. Kanji

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    Thanks, sounds like a plan. As for recovery from running, some days are easier and some are hard days such as a long run or race.

  4. Ken_

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    When I was doing running training I did weight training three times a week on my easy running days, so I would say 3 times a week of S&S or PTTP is about right.

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