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    Hi Guys ,

    Do we have a concept of heavy light medium days in S & S ?

    I’m in extremely beginner level , only do two hand swings using either 32kg or 20kg and half getups using 8kg.

    I do practice everyday. if I feel some what fatigue then I switch to 20kg . Some days switch between 32kg and 20kg in sets . If I feel great all sets using 32kg.

    Not sure this is the right way to do that . But every day I feel great

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you
  2. Steve Freides

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  3. Bauer

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    Waviness is only introduced after achieving Timeless Simple.

    Please check S&S 2.0 for more info about the step cycle progression of S&S. “If you don’t have heavy days then you don’t need light days.”

    That being said, you are of course free to do anything you want. It just might not be S&S anymore, but S&Sish. Same but different is still a valid approach.

    Ride the Wave: How to Program for Progress | StrongFirst
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    I like to wave the volume. A sweet spot for me is 60 reps on swings done daily, sometimes 80 or 100.The full 100 reps on One-hand swings demands me to take the next day easy by doing 2handed. Which is why i introduced waviness in my routine.

    Waviness through intensity for me is achieved by changing from one hand swing to two hand swing. Obviously 2hand swings are easier on the grip.

    I would recommend you to stick with a kettlebell of a certain weight, like 24kg. And start introducing hand-2-hand swings and later on One-hand swings. With a frequency of 4 to 6 times a week.
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    I have done it, before achieving simple, but due to time constraints. I was a bit more advanced than you, doing 1HS with 24. I just did 100/150/200 reps as L/M/H. Nothing too fancy.

    I'd say try to stick to the written program if you can
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    Well said by @Bauer and @Shawn90.

    Personally I found myself in this ROPish setup on S&S post Timeless Simple due to both recovery and my schedule. I can only afford to use max weights and a lot of recovery once per week on the weekend, so the other 2-3 session are either light or medium due to early morning time restricted training.

    I had been in that territory a few times also while progressing between 24 and 32, but it was more my recovery forcing me to do so, rather than my planning.

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