S&s (I love it) and the road to the Beast

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    Hi guys,

    Yesterday I posted a topic and asked for a new program, because I hot bored in doing S&s. I took your advice and was willing to do an easy strength cycle. I just went to my garage to deadlift and bench and saw the never used 48 kg kettlebell in dust. After a few seconds I thought f*** off and went to my 40 kg kettlebell and banged out 10x10 powerful swings every two minutes. After that I took a break of two minutes and banged out 40 kg get ups every 90 seconds. Now I'm just done with the workout and i feel great. I enjoyed it a lot and got more motivated. I want to sinister the beast.

    Because I have some time issues, due to my 9 week old boy and to get some love from my wife i will do this workout every other day and try to get to the beast in a few months.

    Pavel thank you for this...

    Greets from Germany
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    Today I woke up and felt great. At the moment I'm on parents holiday. My young boy slept good and so I recovered very well this night.
    I hab my motivation from yesterday and went without breakfast to my garage gym. I had a lot of energy and didn't felt hungry. I was willing to train with the beast. So I took a sponge and a towel to clean the beast from the dust. After that I sat down for five minutes to concentrate and breathed deeply. After that I started the session with the warm up.

    I did 5 reps goblet squats with the beast without any problems. After that the hip bridges and the halo (20 kg bell) followed. I did 3 circuits as mentioned without any problems.
    To the warm up I want to say that I have good success with the light bells in the halo exercise. They open my shoulders better than with a heavy one.

    After the warm up I took 2 minutes rest and went to the beast. I banged out 10x5 reps of swings with the beast with proper form. The first 2 to 3 reps were very powerful, in the last two reps I got the bell to my stomach | chest height.

    I took long rest periods until I could talk again. The swing session took me about 15 minutes. After the that I banged out 6 full and strong reps of get ups with the beast in 15 minutes. I was very happy about that.
    In my last get up rep I got a bit shaky in the back phase. So I stopped there.

    Happy and powerful I ended the workout with a ten minute walk.

    If iam recovered I will do the workout again tomorrow with some food in my body and will see how it works.

    I'm motivated to the beast. My short term goal is to get the 5 rep swing sets very powerful in 15 minutes. My get ups are good. I try to get daily 8 reps of them.

    My long term goal is to get all the 10 swing reps powerful in 15 minutes and the 10 reps get ups in 15 minutes daily. After that the journey to the sinister goal will begin.
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    Today I had no time. Went for a 30 minute walk with my family.

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