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Hi Guys,

Recently I've started S&S again.

This year I achieved my SFG 1 and noticed that I can make so much more progress from Swings and Get up's that I've decided to start S&S again but now to fully commit and by the book, and articles:

Simple & Sinister + Heart Rate Training | StrongFirst
Simple & Sinister Progression Tactic | StrongFirst
From Simple to Sinister: Waving Volume on S&S | StrongFirst

I've started with a (easy) 24 kg bell and did the progession tactic combined with my heartrate monitor. Goal is sinister, but with really owning the weight
- 4 days a week I do 14 sets of 7 swings with my MAF +5 @ 155. I could talk easily @ 130 bpm and that made the spike after 7 swings to 150 in the first sets to 155 in the last couple of sets. The Get up's are done when my heartrate monitor beeps (again @130). Typical training time to finish a session between 25 & 30 minutes.
- Last session of the week (Push) I do 10 swings EMOM 10' with no max heartrate, same for the get up.
- Last session of the month 10 swings every 30 seconds, EMOM Get Up's

My results were pretty good considering I 'only' used a 24, lost 1 kg of bodyfat, same muscle mass, recover faster and heartrate doesn't get so high. The first 'Push' session (EMOM everything) my max heartrate was 173, the test with 24 almost a month later was 'only' 178, but twice as quick.

I'm now doing the same thing with the 32 but notice a slight difficulty, my heartrate has to drop more to not spike over 155 (obvious) but with 14 x 7 swings I'm not spiking towards my MAF+ 5 (148-ish at most).
- with 14 x 7 swings heartrate has to drop to 125 to go to 150-ish
- with 10 x 10 swings the last sets are about 160-ish, and have to drop to 115.

First question: Do you recommend still doing 14 x 7, so my push sessions will still be 10+10, or switch to 10 x 10 with a slightly higher heartrate, and think of another push session?

Second question: In his article From Simple to Sinister, Pavel states:
"For your training load on “From Simple to Sinister,” you will use the next bell up from the one that allows you to do 100 swings in five minutes, on any day — the one that you “own.” Go up 4kg for ladies and 4 or 8kg for gents. E.g., a lady who has reached the “simple” goal with 24kg should swing 28kg. A gent who has bagged 32kg should train with 36kg or 40kg. (Or both, but that would complicate the planning.)"
But the book says (p81):
"Back to the progression - do not jump the gun by upping the weight in all sets, gradually bump up a set here and a set there"
How to proceed? From the test go to 40 and (smile and) wave, or progress linear until you're fully on 40 and then continue waving?

Before S&S I did get up's with 32 in sets of 3, could press it for 3's, snatch it for 10's :)
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I like your 14 x 7 on most days with plenty of recovery, and push sessions 10 x 10 (weekly in 10 min and monthly every 30 sec).

I'd say stick with the "From Simple to Sinister" wavy volume and work in the heavier bell somewhat gradually until you are using it for all sets (maybe over 2 - 4 weeks).

Does that address your question?


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A thing I did from a thread @aciampa commented on was....

drop to 7, as you are doing...14 sets. This was roughly emom and peaked at or around my maf number. Add in a rep here and there to get to 8, not caring about rest get to 8 reps of 12. Add in a rep here and there to build to 9, I kept it at 12 sets....add a rep here and there for 10 in 10 sets......getting me to 10x10 in roughly 10 minutes at or around maf. I could milk it for 10x10 to make it under maf at 10 minutes or less and then tested....simples.
I just kept banging that out for a while for the get ups to catch up.....but dunno if that is what you are asking. No way can I press or snatch the 32.
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