S&S + Minimalist Deadlifts


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I just read Pavel's new article, "Q&D + Minimalist Deadlifts" (link) and I was wondering if it was possible to do something similar with S&S and deadlifts.

I recently completed a 8-week deadlifts singles program before restarting S&S and achieved a 1RM of 425lbs. I'm really enjoying doing my daily S&S but I'm a little worried that I will loose some strength on my DL by not performing the lift. How would you recommend combining S&S with deadlifts in order to maintain or even increase my DL strength?

I’d like to continue doing S&S daily if possible :)
Easy answer, hard to swallow... stop worrying!

One goal at a time... what does it matter if you lose a few pounds of your 1RM DL max?
You know how to get back to it (you got there on the first place already), no need to maintain an arbitrary number. Get to your goals with S&S, then assess what’s important next

Pavel’s article is written for Q&D which sounds similar to but is actually quite different from S&S. Again, one goal at a time

BTW, DDD is very effective also without the going heavy every 7th (or is it 5th?) day, just keep pulling 5 easyish singles a day (a great warmup also) together with a focus on S&S


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I just thought of this on the drive to work. What about doing the kettlebell deadlift from ROTK? If I remember correctly it's twenty reps of whatever bells your using. If uneven bells switch and do another twenty reps. Done. All you need are two bels.
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