S&S: Prying Goblet Squat vs Goblet Squat.

In an old post, @Pavel Macek wrote the following:

I used to do just very light prying goblet squats, but @pet' pointed me out to one of @Pavel 's older post, where he recommends to match the GSQ weight with the swing weight some time ago, and I have immediately incorporated it into my S&S practice. Regular GSQ, not a prying version. 3x5 with 48 kg, feels good! S&S turns into is a classic pull, push, squat template, and I love it.

Looking at his blog, he seems to have cut off prying goblet squats at 24 kg, then moved on to heavier goblet squats (no prying).

Is there an SF consensus on this? I clearly don't have Pavel's strength, but have been doing PGSQ at 28 kg - is there a risk of injury or other issue to be aware of, or should I keep on going?

Thanks to all!


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From the latest S & S edition in part III of the book:

“by all means, keep the goblet squat. If your hips are moving freely, reduce the number of prying sets to one and do the remaining two sets with a heavier kettlebell or two with a brief pause on the bottom but no prying”


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My view is that it if you see some benefit from it then keep it in your routine.

You have to remember that you probably aren’t comparing apples with apples. I don’t know either of you at all so could be wrong but it seems like Pavel M has devoted his whole life to fitness and is both very strong and flexible. Heck the guy has even designed his own mobility plan in the GGP so doesn’t ‘need’ to do prying goblet squats like the rest of us weekend warriors and thus can purely focus on the squat.

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@jeremiah.healey@gmai, there are many possibilities, e.g., I like to sometimes do a goblet squat without a lot of prying but still exhale and relax a bit at the bottom before pressurizing and coming back up again. As long as your position is good - torso upright or nearly so - it should be fine, even with something relatively heavy.

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