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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Steve Freides, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Oscar

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    I've never had this particular problem, so dont know how to help. You'll need someone more experienced than me this time :).
  2. Nacho

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    Not very near me, but I might be able to make some arrangements to make it happen. I tend to have some tiredness during spring time, so that might also play a role...
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  3. Kyle Kowalczuk

    Kyle Kowalczuk Triple-Digit Post Count

    I’m finding conflicting information for the get up standard during a sinister attempt.

    Is the foot thatcus in the same side as the bell alowd to move during the get up?
  4. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    The foot may move between positions of the getup, but the foot should not move while the rest of you is moving. IOW, roll to the elbow; adjust foot or hand if needed. Come up to the hand; adjust if needed. And so on. What's dangerous is moving the foot while the bell and you are moving since you'd be moving an important support. But when you get into a particular position and realize you're not where you want to be for the next position, then please adjust for the sake of safety and performance.

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  5. Brett Jones

    Brett Jones StrongFirst Director of Education Master Certified Instructor Beast Tamer

    Steve is correct—the foot/feet and positioning can be adjusted during the "pauses" between steps of the Get-up.
    We want the heel to remain planted during the sweep and the lunge up and the reverse of those motions.
  6. Joshua Peping

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    Question on recovery. I let my ego get the best of me on Tuesday and for some dumbass reason decided to do all 10 set of swings 1 handed with a higher weight than I had been using. Since then when I wake up which is usually when I do my practice my back and shoulders are stiff and painful. As I move through my day things loosen up a bit but my shoulder is still painful to the touch. Particularly at the medial border of the scapula. My low back is just slightly painful but not terrible. Do I wait to be completely recovered before I have another practice session or do I work through the pain and just deal with it?
  7. Bunn

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    Sore or painful? If you are just sore, you can work through it at your comfort level. If it is pain, no. You should not be in pain, and if it persists, see a pro.
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  8. Joshua Peping

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    Definitely painful. I had some general soreness in areas afterward but the rhomboid area is tender to touch so I know I did some damage. I have gone ahead and taken some days off to recover. I figured I would give it a go tomorrow and see how it feels to swing.
  9. J Cox

    J Cox Double-Digit Post Count

    Interesting thoughts here. I used a lighter weight at first, but I actually found the heavier swing bell allowed me to sink deeper and it was not uncomfortable. Something about being forced to find that perfect pocket space then really own the space. I just use my 32 for all three, but that's just my experience.
  10. J Cox

    J Cox Double-Digit Post Count

    What I have found is the swing weight GS gets my body primed for the weight by making it about creating tension to control the weight on descent and on the way up, but also breathing behind the shield at the bottom. It is more a full body warm up rather than just legs.
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  11. Nacho

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    What is a good stance width for ql straddle? The book says not to open too wide, because a near split will shift the focus of the stretch elsewhere. I can open my feet like 90+ degrees, so its far from near split. Should I be cautious of not opening them as much as I can, or can I open them up as much as they go and stretch my adductors also during the ql straddle? I actually tried this already and I like how it feels in the adductors and sides of my back... Jusst want to make sure I dont do anything stupid...
  12. Momir Iseni

    Momir Iseni First Timer

    Anybody noticed this same thing?
    I'm doing S&S for about two weeks, and the thing that struck me most is the tremendous feeling I have of activation of - chest muscles. Obviously it's from the getup - I'm doing it very slow and with chest up all the time while strongly pushing the ground with the palm, and the feeling of chest activation is better than with any dip or pushup variation. And the look of my chest started to improve too.
    The thing I haven't even considered would happen - so obviously any chest work will be unnecessary! :)
  13. Oskarand

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    I am on the S/S protocol. I am spending 5 days at my mums place with no kettlebells... what would you do instead if you could only use your body? Yesterday I did squats, push-ups and burpees.
  14. Bunn

    Bunn Triple-Digit Post Count

    @Oskarand In addition to the pushups and squats, I might also add in some very slow TGU's, balancing a shoe or something on the fist, and really focus on patterning the movement and body awareness/control.
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  15. Arash Mohammady

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    Hello, I am currently 17 years and have recently learned about Pavel Tsatsoulines S&S training protocol and have been doing it for about 2 months. I found it to be the ideal exercise for reaching my goals of becoming stronger and more athletic, however, my family and friends have been telling me that I appear small or skinny (Not because of S&S I've always been skinnier). I actually have a muscular physique with 10% body fat thanks to my kettlebell training.

    My bodyweight is currently 135lb and my height is 5'8". My goal is to increase my muscle mass by 10lb, so how can I achieve this goal?

    -Big thanks to anyone who answers I truly appreciate your wisdom.
  16. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Gaining weight (end especially lean mass) can take quite some time. On of the easiest ways would be not to change a thing in your diet except for one protein shake after dinner + some nuts and a fruit. This will give you 300-500 of extra kcals without making you tired from eating too much. Over the course of weeks this should help to put some weight onto your frame.

    However, you might need to start a food log (there are a couple of apps that help a lot) to calculate your current kcal intake - and then increase this a little to exceed your current needs. Furthermore it might be hard to gain lean mass, you might need to bulk a little and then to cut. You metabolism will slow down over the course of the next years allowing you to gain more weight.

    Keep up the KB work and eat quality food. Show up again and again and over the course of the months and years you will reap the results. At your age recovery is much faster which is a huge advantage. Focus on good form anyway - it will be important in the long run.
  17. Arash Mohammady

    Arash Mohammady Double-Digit Post Count

    Thank you so much for the response! I will be sure to follow your suggestions.
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  18. Arash Mohammady

    Arash Mohammady Double-Digit Post Count

    Hello comrades! I’ve been doing S&S for about 2 months now with a 40lb kettlebell. The kettlebell used to seem heavy to me in the past but now thanks to S&S 40lb is becoming light weight so I clearly see a big difference in my strength and power. I also do the fighter pull ups training as well. So my question is should I add more workouts to my daily training? Like dragon flags, one arm push ups, pistols, snatch's and presses or am I over working myself?
  19. Bunn

    Bunn Triple-Digit Post Count

    In my opinion, if you are following S&S I would recommend staying with that until you reach the Simple goal. After that, if you want to start experimenting with other exercises or jump into another program like Q&D, ROP, etc. that is the time. Since you are already working pullups into your schedule, I would keep those, but not add anything else.
  20. Arash Mohammady

    Arash Mohammady Double-Digit Post Count

    Thank you for the response!

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