S&S Results (so far)

kb dan

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I’ve been very pleased with S&S. I’ve been doing it for two straight weeks now, and have only taken Sundays off. Been using my 24kg for both the swings and getups and here is what I’ve noticed as benefits:

- Grip has improved tremendously. Also purchased some extensor training bands from Ironmind and I think this helps a lot with that too
- Everything is much crisper with my technique. Doing swings daily hasn’t been in my routine until S&S but I think this is just what the evil russian doctor ordered
- My getups have gotten progressively easier and my shoulders feel like solid granite rocks now
- Weird one to mention but….my glutes are much tighter now

Been working in the 28kg in the swings as well as I plan to move up to that one before the 32kg. Overall, I’m very pleased with where I am only 2 weeks into it. The swings are getting much easier and conditioning is improving as I am able to complete 100 swings with the 24kg in 5 minutes. This will carry over into my snatch test which I still have yet to complete (never give up!). I can tell that the crisper powerful hip snaps are going to translate really well into my snatches.

Only disadvantage I can think of is I’ve gained a bit of weight. I’m pretty sure it’s all muscle however as my clothes seem to fit differently. Just mad that I’m back over 200 again, by one pound! I think the more I go into this that more fat will shed off however.

Will update again in 2-3 weeks with more results!

william bad butt

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I am also enjoying the program, Daniel and Pavel! I feel really good and I have many similar experiences that parallel Daniels. I also gained 5 lbs but I usually indulge a little bit during the holidays. When wrestling with my dogs i feel "faster", on the ground and on my feet. I have been using 24 and 28 kg bells, purposely going light with slow progression. I have a quick WTH story to share. I have only taken 1 day off since starting (which amazes me now that I think about it). That day was a bad day and late that night I grabbed the kettlebell and did a 5 min press workout ( ala 54321 method) because I felt guilty for not working out. 5 reps 28 kg, 4 reps 32 kg, 3 reps 36 kg, 2 reps 40 kg. 44 kg is my half bodyweight. I have pressed it before for 1 shaky rep each arm 3 times in the past. When I went to do my 1 Rep with 44 kg it felt easy ( felt like the 36 kg). So I cranked out 4 reps with each arm. I know I'm capable of pressing that beast, too bad I don't have one.

Mike Lindner SFG II

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Little tweak in the food intake and that weight will come off.


You are dead on with the snatch test carry over. Been working 32kg 1 hand swings for a few weeks with my current program and when I hit 10x10 in under 5 minutes consistently through the week I knew I could improve my Snatch Test time.

Can't wait to hear your results Daniel!



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Awesome Daniel. As soon as my groin is back to 100% S&S is where I am going too. Working on my one arm push ups ala Naked Warrior right now. :)


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Weight-gain for me too... After just 15 sessions of S&S, I've put on 5 pounds. I assume it's muscle, as my eating habits haven't changed at all in the last 6 months.

Other than the weight-gain, I've improved my warmup from 25 min on the first day, to 9 min last night; my hundred swings went from 11.75 min to 6.5 min; my get-ups from 16 min to 9.5 min.

On to the 32 kg for get-ups in two weeks!


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Certainly got more dense around the back and shoulders.

Which is logical with the energy system being used and the High powerout. Fast Twitch smashing baby! :)

Phil North

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I'm feeling more solid in the back and shoulders too.

The effects of the previous day's efforts seem to melt away some time in the afternoon and I feel fresh and ready to go again in the evening.

I'm on the 32kg and can do the get ups in 8 minutes but the swings take 6.5 and are still two handed so still more to do.

I'm really enjoying doing the program, like the effects on my body and I'm really pleased to have enough left in the tank to cycle to work 5 days a week too.

Jason Ginsberg

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"Gentlemen, keep doing what you have been doing."

8 of the most important words in strength training; the complement to Dan John's "it worked so well I stopped doing it".

I just got my first 48kg bell tonight, right now I'm in the middle of the 40 day program, but once I finish that, I think I'm going to do S&S and make that 48 my target.


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I'm making my way to using the 24kg for both exercises. Seriously, each session is a lesson in stability, and focus.  After I get there, I think I'll stay for a good long while and see what adaptation occurs over the span of several months.  Like others, my shoulders, back and arms are feeling and looking more solid. Also, the TGUs are really hitting my pecs.

The biggest result so far for me is how good I feel. I'm standing and walking straighter and more solidly.  Also, I swear that feel lighter, even though the scale has stayed the same.


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I currently use SS two day a week with the other two being strength work. M/TH is Squat, Press/Bench alternating/and DL for 1 set of 5 every other week. I do SS on Tue/Fri. I pulled this from SS and another article Pavel wrote http://www.strongfirst.com/a-total-package-weekly-template/. I currently do SS with the 24/28 on swings adding a set a week for I can do the swings with a 24kg on demand any day of the week. I am about half way there on the 28kg. I do the TGU w/32kg and can hit this on demand with several minutes left. Today I added 1 TGU w/the 40kg. I will continue to add 1 TGU every week. The thing I notice most, for me anyway, is the SS program actually (while I can tell my conditioning is getting better and getting stronger on TGU) reenergizes/refreshes me for the next strength day. I usually feel really beat up after a strength day even when I take it somewhat easy. SS will be a part of my programming until I hit the dirt toes up.


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As Mark Twain once said, I don't have time to write a short letter, so I'll have to write a long one.

Five years ago I reitired from the Navy after 21 years of service. I also reitred from doing hard work and exercising. You know the drill... new job, mortage, kids, grad school, etc. No time for the gym anymore. No time to take care of myself.

Well, three years ago I injure my back. Degenerative joint disease at L4 and L5. No motocross for the next 3 months. My doctor gave me a handfull of pills and told me there was nothing he could do and to see a physical thereapist. At least she (PT) got me going again without the pills. I stuck with the flying dogs and bridges for a few months. Got better and got bored. Still never felt 100% afterwards.

Just this past March I'm in my doctors office getting a refill for my cholesterol meds. I'm 188lbs, 5'7" pushing 25% bodyfat and my doctor is telling me to keep taking the statins. They'll add 10 years to my life. WTF? I'm in there expecting an a#@-chewing for being a fat-body and not taking care of myself - and he's handing me another prescription for more effin pills!

So I happen to stumble on to one of Pavel's videos. I go out an buy one of those orange-flavored 20lb plastic coated kettlebells. I do some swings and presses. A goblet squat here and there. The excuses come back. Then I stumble on Convict Conditioning. A book I swear Pavel wrote under a sudoname. There were no gyms, healthclubs, and pink-coated kettlebells hundreds of years ago. All you had were bails of hay, bags of coal, or your body. NO EXCUSES ANYMORE! Everything I need I allready have.

Everymorning I'm up half an hour early and follwed the program to the letter. Six exercises six days a week. Started with wall pushups and now I'm doing them on basketballs and not even breaking a sweat. I'm also 20lbs lighter and can see real muscle definition taking shape. I've dumped the pills in the toilet. Cut back on white foods.

I'ts now time to take it to a whole new level. Enter the kettlebell. Bought real 16kg and 24kg kettlebells. Started on S&S for three weeks now. First few sessions took me almost an hour. First time I hit 100 swings I swear I was going to puke! (Haven't felt that way in years) Three weeks later, I'm 10x10 24kg 2 arm swings and 10 16kg TGUs. With warmups, I'm down to about 40 minutes total. I feel great! I'm 46 and feel better than I did when I was 26! Dropped another 3 lbs and down to 18% body fat.

My shorterm goal is simple - mastering 10x10 one-arm swings and 10 TGUs with the 32kg. Longterm is sinister, with a 48kg. I'll check back in a few weeks.

kb dan

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Gentlemen, keep doing what you have been doing

....so I've been doing just that.

More results - 5 weeks into S&S

- Working the 28kg into my swings and getups at 60 - 80% of the time. 24kg is getting pretty light these days! (Should I just work in the 32kg now?)

- Muscle has definitely built up in my shoulders and back....butt too. Definition is noticed by not only myself but others. While slight, I can for sure feel the "fighter" type strength this program brings

- Once again, swings and getups are just getting crisper and crisper. Doing getups every day (except Sundays) has really shown areas where I needed attention. My elbow for instance was not always locked on right side so I've cleaned that up. Also have a lot more focus on the lats doing most of the work (as it should be)

- Overall GPP is vastly improved. I can do more with less gas in the tank.

Again, still VERY pleased with this program so far. It's like medicine for the soul swinging those hunks of iron each day.

Another update in a few weeks!


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I found that jumping from the 24 right to the 32 was very beneficial. I had to work it in slowly, and really focus on staying smooth during the get up and explosive in the swings. It is a big jump, so you really have to take a plunge. Took me about two weeks to transition from all 24 to all 32, but it was a very educational 2 weeks. Now it's just about shaving the time down.
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