S&S Results (so far)


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I am in my fourth week, and have noticed much improvement in my work capacity. I managed to swing my 32 for 100 reps without setting the bell down last Saturday. Never have been able to do that before. Composition-wise...have been able to maintain my "figure" despite over indulging during the holidays. I should have put a tape on my forearms, as they seem to have grown significantly. =)


Jim Lauerman

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I've been doing S&S since the book came out.

The most dramatic improvement is in the TGU.  I've gone from 16Kg X 5 to 16,24,24,24,16, still at about 10 minutes. That's a BIG improvement for me.

Swings are another story. I am still doing the 10 X 10 two handed as my first attempt at one-handed swings immediately caused pain in my left rhomboid area. After a few days romheal, I went back to doing two-handed swings and trying to incorporate the diaphragmatic breathing to reduce total time. Still at about 14 minutes to complete 10 x 10 two-handed swings.

I'll get there. No rush.



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Currently in my 5th week of S&S, this is the first week I have really felt quite strong. I'm doing the 100 swings in 5 mins with a 32kg bell, each week I have concentrated on tensing specific areas, quads, glutes, abs, shoulders packed, this week I feel like I'm finally getting it together and the power is there. TGU with a 24kg and feel like I'm still too fast during each rep. Concentrating on wrist position and breathing, and again this week I feel like I could do a 32kg, but am holding off for another week or 2 until I feel better with my wrist. I can feel my general based strength is building and my technique is better, I feel for each rep I have more time and not rushing to get things  done even though the time is the same. I have noticed my recovery time is improving, which is a nice side affect.



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I have been on it since the book came out. I just started swings with the 32kg for all sets yesterday and have been doing TGU's with the 36kg for about a week. I love the program. I go in the basement and just do the program, no thinking.

I have decided that heavy TGU's are very much like moving meditation. You can only think about your breathing and the movement. If anything else enters your mind, you are in trouble.


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Moving up to the 32kg. Doing all the swings with 32kg and working on doing the one handed ones. Working in the 32kg TGUs has been hard but now with the 24kg it's amazing how light it feels.

I've lost about 10lbs so far. Now that I "recharge" instead of "working out" I don't unthinkingly load up my plate after exercise.

Patrick -- Yes. Meditation, with added incentive.


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I'm in my 6th week. Using the 24k for both get ups and 10x10 2H swings. Leaning out pretty good, I can see pretty good definition of abs, seratus and obliques. Everything from neck to calves is noticeably denser and thicker. I've put a couple pounds on the scale while still leaning out, I'm at 185 pounds on a 5'6" frame and feel solid and strong.  I love this program, you guys are great, keep up all the strong pratice!


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I met the Simple goal for the TGU a couple of days ago, and I'm 23 seconds from meeting the Simple goal for swings.

The 32 kg is out for delivery today...  I can't wait to toss that light weight overhead!


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@Jim - Are you saying the one arm swings with the 24 is causing you rhomboid pain? And how would you describe the pain? What happens if you use a 16 or 20? I'm just trying to see if it's a load dependent thing or a form/mobility thing. I can't diagnose you either way, but am definitely interested. Good to hear you're being smart.


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I'm going to make a detailed write up next week, but I was feeling good today so I decided to do a little C+P test after my warm up. I bought my 32 back in November, and before I started S&S I could get 1 press with my left and 3 with my right. Today I got 4 C+P on the left side and 6 on the right! In case anyone wasn't sure yet, this system works.


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Thanks, Pavel. Real long write up coming tomorrow after I do some more testing to see what has improved after being on S&S for 6 weeks. Spoiler alert: A lot of things improved by a lot.

Jim Lauerman

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"@Jim – Are you saying the one arm swings with the 24 is causing you rhomboid pain? And how would you describe the pain? What happens if you use a 16 or 20? I’m just trying to see if it’s a load dependent thing or a form/mobility thing. I can’t diagnose you either way, but am definitely interested. Good to hear you’re being smart."


For years now I have had pain in the area of the left rhomboid, especially if I don't stay "tight" in one armed swings. The pain feels muscular, but it is around the area which makes some cracking noises when I do halos. When really bad, it hurts some to breath and also when I put my right arm out. The 16 doesn't seem to bother it but one armed swings with the 20 in any volume sure does. It hurts very slightly now (as it always does) as I just completed my 10 X 10 two-handed swings.

I have discussed this with my SFG Mike Lindner, and we have decided to just keep me doing two-handed swings for now for my S&S regimen. I will be getting a therapeutic massage soon to see if that will help.

I am coming up on 65 years old so "issues" are no stranger to me. I've learned to deal with them carefully and just press on (pun not intended). My mobility is excellent, even in that shoulder, so I suspect it is a structural thing. My father was in a car accident at about my age and when some hospital attendants moved him from a gurney to a bed they dislocated both shoulders, creating a problem that plagued him until he died. Shoulder issues seem, therefore, to be somewhat genetic. Not an excuse, just a fact.

If all I can do is achive the simple or sinister goals doing two-handed swings, at age 65 I'll take it.


Stuart Elliott

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I'm 4 weeks into S&S with the 24kg KB. So far 10x10 swings in 7 mins and 10 TGU's in 10min 50secs. Hoping to hit both goals soon and move on the the 28 KB.  I was concerned last week as I had re-occuring knee pains (old soccer injuries) later in the day post workout. I put this down to doing daily get ups on a hard wooden floor, so last week I dropped to 3 days and bought some neoprene knee supports. Today was my 4th session this week on the trott with the supports and so far no pain...huge relief.

I'll post full results once I complete the 24kg, but in general feeling a lot stronger and more agile.


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Here's an odd result:  I think that my increased core and gluteal strength is causing me to unconsciously walk faster.  Real world strength indeed!

kb dan

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After reading the replies to this post last week, I decided to man up and move in the 32kg with my 24kg swings and get ups. So far (this week) it hasn't been that bad and I think it was a smart move. The 28kg was working too, but it's not transitional enough.

In a week or two, I should be all 32kg and then it will be time to work on conditioning and times.

To be continued....

Mike Lindner SFG II

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Daniel - Work them in gradually like the example in the book. You put a set with them in the middle and gradually let the stability and strength build to where you are using the 32 the whole time with the getups.

I have my wife and her friend doing this now and the one thing I told them is that the clock is just a measuring stick of how quickly they are getting through a session, Eventually it's used to see if they should move up a size but it's never a race. It's all still practice.


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Mike, well said.  It is especially true when one trains daily.

kb dan

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completely agree and that is exactly what I am doing. I may not have conveyed clearly that was my plans. I always focus on PRACTICE....the timing is not a race for me, but more an end goal at some point. I am slipping the 32kg in here and there, just like the book of course.

No rush...


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Its great to see how you guys are progressing, It gives me some context to put my own progress in.

personally have improved grip and forearms, forearms ached constantly for the first couple weeks and now they dont at all even though im transitioning to 1 arm swings. also notice my knees are bothering me less than when I started. Shaved atleast 4 minutes off of my swings which started out less strong than my get up unfortunately.
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