S&S Results (so far)


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I am 48, and started working with an SFG II one year ago and I've made great progress. Unlike regular weight training, which I could never seem to stick with, kettlebell training is the one thing that hooked me, is fun, and that gave me results right away. Enter Simple & Sinister. It is giving me a consistency that I have been lacking, even though I have been training regularly.

I started S&S 19 days ago doing the 1-arm swings with 16kg. I got them into 5 minutes, so I’ve begun to add in the 20kg a set at a time. I started the Get-Ups using 12kg for all 5 reps, but quickly started doing one of the reps with 16kg.  Currently I am doing:

Swings - 16,16,16,16,16,16,20,20,16,16 in about 5:15, and the Turkish Get-Ups - 12, 12,16,16,16 in about 10 minutes exactly. I've taken 2 days off but not really "off" because both times, I shoveled snow off my entire driveway. The 2nd time I shoveled was just a couple days ago, and it felt like a piece of cake. I am making progress fast. I Love the way I feel. I am not too sore at all. My shoulders are looking great, and my husband just complimented my hamstrings, saying that they've really shown up lately. Gotta love that!

The book is great in so many ways. It's inspiring and humorous, not to mention easy to follow and concise, and it resonates with me. If I even have a thought to skip out on a day, I remember what Pavel says...just knock it out daily like brushing your teeth, sissy!  ; )  and that works!

brian d

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Awesome work, blue.  Those are some excellent swings and get ups you are doing.  Lots of guys on here are working the same weights as you.

And compliments from the spouse are the best.


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Been doing SS for two months now.  Started with the 24kg.  I am danger close to the Simple goals with my 32kg bell now.

I decided to take a couple days off and try some other lifts.  I did not try maxes, but did set one PR.

Bad news first.

Bench and Squat felt really rusty.  I am pretty sure I got weaker in the squat.  Bench I feel strong, but out of the groove.  A little easy strength would probably fix both.  Deadlift felt strong as ever.  A set of five with 185 lbs. was easier than it used to be. I know, pretty subjective data, but I'll do more lifting later.  I am guessing some synaptic facilitation (GTG) would allow me to hit my previous numbers.

Onto the really good stuff.

Even after doing ROP for a couple months with a 24kg last year, pressing 60lbs was a real challenge.  I did three singles with each arm with no psych up, no struggling, etc. with 60lbs.  Still can't get 70, which is my goal. I weigh 135.

The best part is, I easily got a one arm pull up with each arm.  I was close before, and could maybe do one with a lot of struggling, but now it is one smooth motion.  Grab bar, pull, chin reaches over bar, controlled descent.  Very happy with that.


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<a title="View bluedaffodil's profile" href="http://www.strongfirst.com/users/bluedaffodil/">bluedaffodil</a>, thank you for your kind words!  Please do me a favor and post a review on Amazon:



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David, the one-arm chin wth effect is very interesting!

Bump up the weight in your DL.

don fannucci

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this program is sensational-

I started it right after thanksgiving- and have enjoyed every minute of it

today i did all 10 get ups with the 40kg bell

swings i'm banging out the 36kg (with the 40kg haven't quite gotten that under the five minutes) like nobody's business

the beast awaits...

the last time i posted on this forum, i asked pavel about the value of super heavy swings (like greater than 200lbs)... this program answers that question clearly

i've already posted a review on amazon, but i want to reiterate to pavel how much i appreciate his sharing his knowledge... my shoulders feel amazing from doing the getups- after over a year of nagging pain I am completely pain free

thank you again pavel for something so elegant

(this is an aside, but i'd love to see you apply your strength training background to endurance training- you've mentioned it in easy strength and in s&s as well- expounding on those ideas would be a book i would devour as well- endurance is a kind of strength that i think the SF principles could really make a difference for)



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Don, great to hear about your results thank you for your kind words!



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Pavel, Yes sir It is interesting.  Though like I said I was relatively close before.  It is interesting to see how SS affects athletes of different skill levels.  Some guys have reported being able to press the 32 after a few weeks of get ups with it.  I still am nowhere close to that.

Since you you said add weight to the DL, I will.  One of my goals for the year is to get a double bodyweight DL.  255 is my last max.  270 is what I need.  SS definitely didn't put me any further from it.  I think some focused DL work will push that number right where I want it.


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Just finished migrating to 32kg for swings and getups in the time limit, swings are no problem and I feel I could go to the 40kg with the swings and will need a few weeks for the getups to feel a little comfortable, I'm doing the plan 5 days a week, taking a day off between when I feel its needed.

I'm finding my pressing strength has dropped a little, I think because I'm tanked after the getups, I'm thinking I'll drop the S&S back to 4 days to see how this feels for a week or 2. Has anyone else had a similar experience?



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Well folks, I am officially 1/2 simple, lol. Just finished my practice session, did Getups with 32 kg in 8 min, but swings are lagging WAY behind, still on the 24 for all one handed swings(did 7.5 min today but I took my time). I've noticed a lot of changes in my body (170lbs, 5"6'): my torso is a lot denser and thicker, abs are a lot more visible and feel like a brick wall. My back is stronger than its ever been, neck and shoulders too and lats are also much stronger and bigger. I haven't had a chance to test any lifts recently, but I am confident that I will see improvement. I don't have a 40 kg bell yet, so I'm going to start adding in a rep with an 89lb dumbbell. As far as swings go, would it be okay to start adding in sets of two-handed swings with the 32? I'm thinking that this may help me mum prove my time with the 24. Thanks for the awesome program Pavel!


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My experience with S&S is quite short. I was progressing from 16kg bells with Program Minimum to 28kg doing PM 4 times a week. It took me nearly 4 months to progress from 16 to 28 bells with PM and a month ago I was quite good with 28kg doing 10 TGUs per each arm in 10 minutes on one day and around 230 1H swings with the same weight. I was nearly ready to take 32kg into play. I used to make a daily warm-up with GSQ, halos, pumps and 4 sets of 5 reps of clean+snatches each arm with the working weight before each PM session. Than I found an S&S and from the first day I jumped into the S&S I acheived a goal of 5 min. 1H swings and 10 min TGU with 28kg after a minute of rest. It was just easy for me from the beginning but I decided to keep the same bell size for 2 weeks and do not rush.

I need to explain that I also perform a routine of weighted Ring Dips/Pull-Ups/Pistols 2 days a week. It was just enough but also not too much for me to handle both PM and P/P/P routines. But after a week of full throttle S&S I had first to cut the warm-up (cleans and snatches routine), than I had to take a day or two off from S&S because I was smoked and I was loosing strength and my P/P/P routine was starting to be too challenging.

Two weeks ago I have decided to make the S&S a little bit loosen and do not use watch at all during the routine. I can see the instant improvement and I was ready to pick up the 32kg bell yesterday. Recovery results between the sessions are also better .

The conclusion is that this is not so simple (maybe more sinister ;)). When you reach a goal with the chosen bell (and you can make 5 minutes of Swings in 30/30 work to rest ratio + TGU after a minute) do not stay too long on this stage. Take a bigger bell and loosen the routine. Performing the Tabata daily is not good for strength (for my point of view).

The comparison: I have used PM protocol for 4 months and found constant progression. Now with S&S things become more complicated but I find using both programs is equaly beneficial. S&S is just cut differently and it is more suited for warrior, fireman, law enforcement employee needs. The TGU straight after swings is a proof for it in my opinion. Also I PM is better for hypertrophy and S&S is better for conditioning.

Just my two cents.

Sorry for my English. I try to do my best, but I'm still making mistakes.


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Well, as promised in my other post I got cracked on. Day 1 S&S.


16kg bell


Started with the warm-up and form needs some work. Digging my elbows in at the bottom of the goblet squat hurt a bit to start with then I figured out where to dig in then pry. Ok at the bottom but I found the actual squatting tough!  The hip bridge was ok but can defo take this further. Halo's fine once I was remembering to tense my glutes!


Nailed the swings. Left me breathless but otherwise almost easy. Legs like jelly now tho! Seemed to get more force the more I did them and the bell hung slightly longer at the top! I take it that's a good thing.


The get ups I was worried about. Only ever done 2 each side. Nailed the five but a lot to work on with form I think. Kept are locked out ok. The 5th on my left was hard!


Feel twice as hammered as after a gym session but actually feel energised!




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"Performing the Tabata daily is not good for strength (for my point of view)."

...or for getting other stuff done.  Been falling into this trap myself.  Despite very clear guidance in the book about how to approach pacing and progression (with respect to density), once the time for swings got within a certain range of the target, just couldn't help trying to push it down more and more consciously.  All starts with "I wonder how the time is coming a long... just out of curiosity".


Wondered why I started feeling a bit beat up, before I realize what I was basically doing is exactly what you identify here.  Not a brilliant idea.


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Greg, there is a big difference in getting hammered in the glycolytic pathway (like Tabata) and working the alactacid pathway and recovering aerobically (S&S).  The former demands longer recovery; the latter can be done daily.

The difference in the details.

kb dan

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I will start my post with saying I am thrilled this thread appears to have become the official "S&S Results" thread on this forum. I never intended that from the get go but I am glad it turned out that way. Really enjoy reading everyone's experience here and I'm sure Pavel does as well. Keep it going!

As for me, this will probably be my last "results" post on this thread. I'm now 7 or 8 weeks in (I think, lost count) and still going. I have cut down from 6 days a week to 4-5 only because of recent work schedules, etc. I've actually found that by the extra couple of days rest here and there, that my strength still appears to be improving. As a test to myself, two weekends ago I attempted a snatch test with a 20kg. I haven't attempted snatch testing since March 2013 when I attended the SFG (and didn't pass). With the 20kg I achieved 73 snatches in 5 minutes. Considering I haven't really snatched for quite a few months, I found this to be quite a testament to what S&S has done for me thus far. So...thanks Pavel!

By the way, currently swinging the 28kg and 32kg (not for time yet) and get ups with the 24kg and 28kg. No rushing here, just slow and steady strength gain.

Keep up the great work fellow soldiers!


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Thanks for your last post Daniel.

Good to hear you're still progressing and also good to hear that it is possible to not pass the sfg cert. I was sure this was the case based on the impression I've gotten in the Web of Pavel, Mark Toomey et al, but without having met any of them and the fact that strongfirst is obviously a business I have been wondering about the pass rate at the certs. I did crossfit for a while a few years ago and was looking into doing one if their certs, but upon investigation it was very difficult to find anyone who had failed to pass. I'd rather fail knowing I've given it My best than pass knowing that everyone does.


With the progress you've posted here in sure you'll be much better placed to pass next time you go for it :)

Stuart Elliott

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10 getups in 10mins with the 32 this morning and 5mins 10x10 2h swings. Next goal is to integrate 1h swings and slowly bring in the bulldog on the getups. I've noticed moving from the 24 to the 32 has added a lot more dense muscle and my grip strength has rocketed.
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