S&S revised and updated?

Discussion in 'Other' started by matteo, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. matteo

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    Is expeted a release of a new book called
    "Kettlebell Simple and Sinister: Revised and Updated" ?

    I found the title on Google.

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  2. Bauer

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  3. malleus

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  4. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Not yet on amazon.de :/
  5. cmerrow

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    This is exciting news! It doesn’t seem to be available on Kindle yet?
  6. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    I guess SF will wait until the kindle version is finished before anything will be announced - based on the trouble with the QnD release.

    Can't wait, tho!
  7. Xene

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    Those are some amazing news! Although I would prefer to buy a book about some of the secret Strong Endurance protocols!
  8. Steve Freides

    Steve Freides Forum Administrator Senior Certified Instructor

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it's our expectation that, as the release date draws nearer, the shipping dates will not be so far off.

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  9. HUNTER1313

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    What has changed? Is it enough to warrant getting this version too?
  10. Sean M

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  11. vegpedlr

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    What’s new? What’s different? What changed? It was pretty Simple to begin with . . .
  12. WhatWouldHulkDo

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    S&S 2: Simpler and Sinisterer

    My bet is on some volume/weight waving strategies
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  13. matteo

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    Yes, and maybe the support of hr monitor instead of talking test during the rest...
  14. Heyjude

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    I have the S&S version 1 on my Kindle App. Does anyone know whether it will update to version 2 at no charge or will I have to purchase version 2? Thx
  15. crazycanuck

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    Have version 1 on Kindle app as well. Did have to purchase version 2. It is well worth the purchase. Wish I had the info in it the first time around!!!!
  16. Adam R Mundorf

    Adam R Mundorf More than 500 posts

    I second what @crazycanuck said. The additional information is well worth the price.
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