S&S Second Edition - Revised and Updated


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Odd this got released without a heads up on here. I kinda assume there is some waviness added in this edition but thats pure guess on my behalf


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Yeah could be a just formatting fixes, but maybe some insights from the years of articles posted about S&S here. It is odd there was no buildup though and it was just kind of released. I'm trying to find out if the kindle version would be worth picking up if I already have the paper book and kindle version


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That is interesting. Just by looking in the description it says that the book's length is 120 pages. compared to the original First edition with 102 pages that means there seems to be some new chapters/Infos . I assume it has been updated due to the actual research (strongEndurance, Q&D) just to be on one page (pun intended) with the the Former:) . But I am just guessing here! Maybe Steve has some more insights on this. We stay tuned


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A couple of thoughts:

With 18 extra pages it might just include S&S articles from the blog. It might also include more on the science behind S&S (similar to the chapter in Q&D). But as it is described as S&S 2.0 it might also feature a couple of tweaks to the original program (maybe more waviness, maybe something different than the non-stop swings every two weeks). Personally I would love a discussion on S&S together with PTTP or a smiliar DL focused program. But I try to lower my expectations and excitement :D There will be plenty of quality information anyway and I am sure that we will be pleased with it.

Roll-out wise it seems like the amazon date is somehow wrong and the update got "leaked" in a way. I guess SF headquarters wants everything to be finished before announcing anything, especially with the recenet hassle of the Q&D release. Personally I would prefer a transparent announcement (~ "Revised edition with updates on X, Y and Z, probably finished in 2-4 weeks, depending on the speed of the composing/layouting process") but that is none of my business. SF wants to be a school of "quiet professionals" - which can be a bit irritating when it comes to book marketing :) Anyway, in the end I prefer the quiet style to the over-the-top marketing style of the old DD days.

I just hope our dear @Steve Freides won't have to do as much confusion management this time :D

Sean M

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@Bauer I agree with both sets of thoughts.

On the book itself, I do look forward to any programming changes - perhaps the Simple goal is revised from 100 in 5:00 to a more AGT-focused goal such as 5 powerful reps EMOM for 20 minutes (there was an IG post along these lines some time ago).


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I’ve been buying Pavel’s books in hardcover since last year to replace the kindle versions. I had most on kindle but have come to the conclusion that I don’t like reading training books on the kindle. I’ll buy the hard copy of this. I’ve read most of the articles around S and S and it would be nice to see some of them included even as an appendage.


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Hi @Steve Freides

could you give a very short summary of what is changed, or at least an indication of if there are material differences in S&S execution modalities?


Steve Freides

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Hi @Steve Freides

could you give a very short summary of what is changed?
@ClaudeR, I cannot because I have not seen it.

I'm sure some highlights will be made known in the official release of this from StrongFirst. I don't know when that will be but I believe it's tied, at a minimum, to the 2.0 version being available from amazon in three (paperback, kindle, audio) formats, which it currently is not. That's why I posted about checking version before you buy kindle or audio.

I would simply wait until it's announced by StrongFirst for kindle or audio; if you want paperback, you can order that now or wait for the annoucement.



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Because as a consumer (and a longtime supporter and consumer of all things Pavel and Strong First) I would like to know what I'm buying and if it's worth purchasing. If all that's changed is the addition of a few pictures and quotes then I'll pass. If it's new insight and such then I'll buy.
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