Sad story with useful morale

Alexander Halford

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I think I need to share this.

This morning I went out to walk my dog, and found my neighbour on the ground having a heart attack. By the time I called 911 and started the CPR, he already stopped breathing. I tried and kept his heart "beating" and airway opened until the ambulance arrived, hoping maybe he will make it.
The guy didn't make it. I could already see it, but it was confirmed later.
I didn't look at the watch, but those who were around told I was doing the chest pumps somewhat from 15 to 20 minutes non-stop, just switching up and down hands. Would I be able to do it without proper physical preparation? I don't think so.
What I want to tell - the people here, we practice the right thing. Though it is a very sad story, the ability that iron sport gives you is amazing. It was a bad timing today, but I was able to react and give what I have. This is the true practical meaning of being prepared.
I'm still with a heavy heart, but people kept approaching me and said that I did well and gave what I could. I hope they're right.
So, just to say - keep doing what you're doing, this is the way.

Steve A

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Alexander, I'm sorry you had the sad experience. Without your effort he had no chance, so what you did gave your neighbor a chance. We should always try and you did, but please don't fault yourself for the outcome.

Mike Torres

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So sorry you had to be a part of this, but you did the right thing without question.
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