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Does anyone know of a sandbag that can also be used as a gym bag or rucksack (when it's not full of sand, of course)? I really like the idea of heavy sandbag training but it seems a shame to spend money on a solidly-built, heavy-duty bag that doesn't even the option of a shoulder strap for multi-purpose use.

Perhaps I should be looking for a gym bag with more handles that can be loaded with filler bags instead.

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I just picked up a Cerus sandbag off of Amazon that will double as a gym bag. Not all are made the same and the black one I bought is not of the same build quality (my recent review) as the grey one. Most gym bags will not hold up well in my opinion once the load gets up above 40 lbs or so.

The fill bags are solidly made, no leaking. It does not have a single long shoulder strap but you could easily improvise one or swap from another bag and hook it on the end handles.
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