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I've skimmed through "the Potato Hack"-book and read some blogs and youtube-videos about the "only potato diet". It seems really stupid at first glance but the more I read the more sense it made. I'm used to read with a critical eye and I am very skeptical when it comes to "fake news" and sensationalism.

The potato hack seems to me to be more of a oil change for your body than a "diet". Just eat potatoes for 2-3 days a week, as much as you want without anything else except salt and your gut and tastebuds will "reset". Not sure about the tastebuds thing but it makes total sense to eat a lot of high fiber and starch from an organic food to take care of your gut.
With my depression, "light IBS", obesity and stress it looks very promising.
I still have a lot of other perishable food at home I need to eat up before doing the 100% potatoes for 3 days but I've started eating a lot of boiled potatoes to every meal for the last three days and going to "hack" at the start of next week.

My "go-to"-recipie right now is:
3-400g boiled potatoes (that's under 300kcal)
1 red onion
shredded cabbage
50g creme frachie (thats about 150kcal)
fresh parsley
I just boil the potatoes, poor out the water, throw in the other things, stir, put back the lid and wait a few minutes. Then eat it with some ham, chicken or whatever is left in the fridge.

My brother in law has a birthday party at the beginning of next month and the way I feel right now is that I rather wear my W40-jeans to that party then shave a couple of minutes off from my 100 swings.
Going full vegan and only eating potatoes for three days won't be the stupidest thing i've done to my body. :eek:

Time for an oil change. (not my car!)


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Eating a lot of potatoes, but no "hacking" (only potatoes) yet. Eating potatoes+veg+protein at every meal with a protein shake with banana in the evening.
Morning walks 30min every day, S/S every other day.

If I try doing S/S 2-3 days in a row and rest one I feel tired/get lazy and I usually end up resting 2-3 days instead. So S/S one day, rest one for now.

Did my first snatches with the 32kg yesterday.
Did four sets of 5, left and right and 60 regular swings, didn't want to overdo them the first time. I read on this very forum that 1 snatch=2 swings, and if it says so on the internet it must be true. :D
The snatches really made my heart pump, need better stamina...

Couldn't do the my getups yesterday because a bunny had decided to have some kittens behind the osb-board I use to do my get-ups on.

So did some pushups, situps instead and extra squats out in the snow...o_O

I've eaten my "potatoes+protein" a lot, my favorite simple recipe right now is:
500g boiled potatoes
250g cottage cheese
chopped leek+cucumber
2 tablespoons Swedish caviar (smoky, salty fish roe)

Eating a lot of fiber and resistant starch really has helped my stomach. I eat about 35g-45 g fibre from real food a day now ,that is a lot for me, but only just about what the WHO recommends. :eek:
If I eat potatoes+lentils and no/little meat dairy I get up to about 50g.
Shouldn't be a problem eating like that for the rest of my life. Just eat potatoes and pulses a few days a week. No more fatty meat, pasta and cheese every day.
Trying to get over 100g of protein a day, but it's quite difficult without lean meat/fish, protein powder or dairy if I'm going to eat less then 2500kcal/day and doing 16/8 fasting.
No sugar for a week, don''t really miss it at the moment. Fantasies about freshly baked white bread with butter does occur frequently...


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Got my 40kg kettlebell yesterday. Did two presses and 50 two-hand swings with it, but was really tired, had been a long day...
Today I did 70 two-hand swings, 12 clean&jerks and 2 presses with the 40kg, and 10 presses in sets of five with the 32kg, then it started raining. :confused:
It's really rainy and muddy right now, and trying to eat below 2200kcal, so bit irritated. Especially since I've gained 3kg since the beginning of january.

Have 2cm left before I can button my W40 jeans. But then closing the fly and actually walking is another matter.


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Did, very unsually for me, what I said I would do and fixed my "gym-cabin"-floor during the weekend. Took about four hours digging drainage and wheelbarrowing in about a cubic meter of gravel and now the floor is wonderfully dry and flat. :)

Celebrated by doing my first whole S/S with the 32kg. 100 swings followed by 10 get-ups.

Never did 10 get-ups with the 32kg before, always did one or two sets with a 24kg and did them after 20 swings.
But now my glasses didn't fog up (that much) and didn't get mud on my sleeves or the osb-board wobbled.
Also pressed the 40kg two times on each side without rest yesterday.

Still have a bit of granite to remove with drill, wedges and sledgehammer...


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Damnit! Really annoyed and a bit sad today. I rang my local doctors office about two weeks ago to book an appointment with a nutritionist. Manly to ask what happens if you do, like me, eating 2300kcal a day but burn about 900 kcal with walks and kettlebells.
BUT, they rang today and said I was to fat to see her and I have to go to a special "fat-ward" in Gothenburg because they didn't deal with people with that high BMI at my local doctors office or at the nearest hospital. :(
So a two hour road trip is in my future...
But first I'm gonna do some blood tests and measurements at the doctors office next week, then see a local doctor before I can get a prescription to the "fat ward".

Was actually thinking that I felt good, strong and healthy with the diet and exercise if only the scale would've showed 15kg less.. Until the nurse called and said I was to fat for treatment.

Since I haven't been able to fit in my"fat test"-W40-jeans yet I've only dropped two pant sizes and not a kilogram in weight. And my "fat test shirt" (a nice Pinewood flannel shirt) is now to tight around the shoulders and still as tight around the waist. Was really looking forward to fitting in it again.
I actually put it on and went outside to take a picture. A picture fat-shames more than a thousand words as they say...

Notice the disgruntled look, flip flops, worn sweatpants, unkempt hair/beard and gap in the shirt around the waist....*swipe left*
(unaltered picture except turning it black and white for a little more dignity.)

and by the way...

Pressing the 40kg in sets of two 3-4 times a day whenever I walk past it and at the beginning and end of my morning walks. Have also upped the length of the walks and now since the amount of sunlight allows it I try to take a walk in the evening as well those days I don't train.
Eating mostly 1kg of potatoes a day+lean meat+vegetables, a protein shake for breakfast and a casein-pudding in the evening. 2300kcal total and about 200g protein a day.
No sugar since Mars 3rd.
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Been freaking out a little over the BMI fat-thing. I found another fat measurement tool based on a U.S Navy survey from the 80's where you measure your belly and neck to find out your body fat percentage. According to that one I have a body fat percentage of about 36%.

My "BMI" of 177cm and 144 kg is 45.96 puts me in the highest category there is, meaning "you can't be any fatter than you are!".
I think the number 36%, my picture and the above chart that puts me just above "Class 1" seems more realistic than I would need a rascal scooter to go to my daily McDonald's trip. o_O

Love that "XXL Fitness t-shirt"!
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That sir is exactly what a gym is suppose to look like. A spot you go to for reaching deep within yourself and finding out what you're made of. No chrome equipment or ferns in the corners. No mirrors or aerobics room. I wouldn't change a thing, well maybe the floor. Loose gravel or granite wouldn't be my choice to do get ups on. But I like the particle board, that's a nice touch. You should put a bear in there, on a chain. Have him clawing at you while you do presses and swings. On variety days you could wrestle the bear.

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@banzaiengr : :D Thank you so much! Me and my decorator really put a lot of work in...
I put the particle board on the floor when I do my get-ups.

There aren't any bears around here, but my neighbor has a lot of cows and bulls, could chain one of them and wrestle him like Hercules. (y) *adding on to-do-list*


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You are making great progress in your training. Hope you keep it up. Weight loss seems to take time. But you are on the right track. Eliminating sugar is key. Work on the other simple carbs like flour and grains. Go to only meat and vegetables. I think you'll see results.

Your log has got to be one of my favorites. I will be checking in from time to time.


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@Dekapon no updates since March 25th on your sessions. How's it going? The 32K starting to feel light for S&S? Have you thrown in any sets of swings with the 40?
Thanks for caring! :)
Was thinking I'd only update when I had something interesting to report but...

Been focusing on my diet and pressing the 40kg (because it's fun). Only done two "proper" S/S-sessions since the 25th, but been training every other day (one day rest in-between) and adding an hours walk in the evening on my rest days. 2km in the morning before breakfast, 4km in the evening one day, S/S or "something fun" the other evening.
Did 100 swings with the 40kg yesterday, 80 two-hands, and 20 one hand swings, 10 clean and jerks and a "small reverse ladder" of presses, (3,2,1 on each arm), and then 40 snatches with a 24kg . The swings felt good, 2HS is almost "easy" with the 40kg, starting to fantasize about "the Beast". :rolleyes:

BUT my stamina is just as bad as ever. 100 one hand swings with the 32kg is still difficult unless I take proper rest between sets, same for the get-ups. Could probably do 1 get up with the 40kg, will test that during the weekend... but getup nr.9 and nr.10 with the 32kg after 100 swings with the 32kg is still so heavy.
Panting for breath, lying on the floor... feeling dizzy, lights fading, ringing in my ears, smelling something burning, floating up to the ceiling, traveling through a long tunnel of light, seeing my dead grand mother standing behind a white picket fence smiling and waving to me...:eek:

Need better stamina!

...or have you thrown that 40K bell at the nurse?
Went to do blood tests and blood pressure today, going to see the local doctor next week for results before I can get a prescription to the "fat ward".
The nurse told me today that the local nutritionists only worked with people with eating disorders, like anorexia. i.e young girls who starve them selfs and then trow up when they've eaten. Apparently they have a lot higher mortality rate then obese people, or at least it goes much faster to starve yourself to death then eating yourself to death. So that's why they have just one "fat ward" in the entire region. So "to fat for the nutritionist" seems to be if you have a higher BMI than 15. o_O
But there's a lot of private companies that can sell you diet programs, gym memberships, personal trainers, group therapy and stuff like that for obese people, including weight watchers and the big gym chains. So big $ in obesity, getting it and getting rid of it, but no $ in skinny people, they just die. :(

Dropped 2kg and the button touches the button-hole in my jeans, still can't close them though...


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That's all awesome stuff. As far as the S&S goes with the 32K, don't be afraid to take as much rest as you need in between sets. Many make the mistake of trying to do the time limits each workout and that's not the way. Take whatever time you need. I wouldn't be afraid of S&S each day and wave the intensity by using different bells. Something like Mon. 24K, Tues. 32K, Wed. 24K, Thurs. 20K, and Fri. 32K. Anything like that or using different weights each session but different weights in sets. Something like 32K, 32K, 32K, 24K, 24K or how ever you feel that day. Stick with it bud!


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Got exhausted just reading that workout! 40 kg is pretty freaking heavy and for 100 total swing??? :eek: Good stuff there @Dekapon .
Thanks, but is it? You deadlift 300 and look like you're almost half my body weight. Swinging 40kg doesn't seem to compare...:confused:

The 40kg was heavy the first week, then I did what Pavel Macek wrote in his blog about just picking up the bell and getting used to the weight.
That slight panic you feel when lifting something heavy for the first time dissipates after a few days of greasing the groove.
Did 15 prying goblet squats and 40 one handed swings yesterday with the 40kg, then went down into "the Quarry" (my indoor gym) to do the rest of the swings with the 32kg and then the get-ups. But only managed to do 4 getups, my left leg could't get me up from the floor, stupid weak leg... Was tired and hungry and didn't feel like go and getting the 24kg so I quit for the day, was a bit sore in the shoulders as well. Going to take @banzaiengr advice and do some light days from now on.
I think I've been eating to little the last days, found a miscalculation in my food diary last week and turns out I've been eating about 2600kcal a day instead of 2300kcal so tried eating a bit less. Perhaps I need a little more food on the days I exercise?

Bought a plastic measuring tape and calculated my body-fat, got the number 34,8% bodyfat. And that means I'm now "obese level 1" according to the chart posted in my log, down a whole level. But my actual bodyfat might be the same as last week, when I used my metal measuring tape from my tool box.
34,8% body fat means 49kg of fat on my body. That's a loot of useless weight! (Unless I get lost a sea or something...) But that should mean I can set a body weight goal on about 110kg instead of 80kg for my 177cm tall body.

Philippe Geoffrion

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I did Vodka and Pickles for a little while to up my deadlift. I thought the 53 lbs kettlebell would be ideal for the 100 swing portion...I stopped at 50 reps. After a few weeks, I finally made it to 100 reps with the 53 lbs and called it quits. Swinging is a very exhausting activity and in my experience, one who can swing 88 lbs that many times is in the strong club in my book, not only in absolute strength, but endurance as well. Don't be so hard on yourself!


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The Dekapon is a strong man, no doubt. One thing we need not do is try comparing what one does to the other or to ourselves.

We all have had a different journey to get where we are. Some of us are of different ages, different work situations, just different. So to try and compare ones journey to the other does none of us well.

Losing body fat while trying to gain strength is hard. Losing body fat while trying at the same time to build muscle is even harder. Can these things be done? Of course, there are many here who have achieved these goals. It wasn't done overnight though. It's a journey and we should just try to find a journey that we enjoy. Find a program that we enjoy and is the right program for the goal we have.

S&S along with a program of walking is as good as any program in my opinion as a general purpose program. But to lose body fat it doesn't matter the program. That is done in the kitchen. As far as the calories you need, a simple way is the body weight you want to be at x10 for the calories you need. If you feel 230 is a good weight for yourself then 2300 calories would be the daily goal. This isn't written in stone. Like I said, it's a simple calculation. If you stick with it and are losing 2-4 lb. per week then you are in the ball park. If not, cut 200 calories. If you are losing more than 4, add 100 calories. Most of us don't need as much food as we think we do.

Body fat calculations are a calculated guess at best. I don't put too much faith in them. I've been told by some very good trainers that the only accurate measurement is the bod-pod. So, if your clothes are getting loose on you whether or not your weight is changing then you are loosing body fat. That and the mirror should be the measurement tool.

Back to the program, my suggestion for The Dekapon to have some light days is to ensure he is recovering completely. That is the most important part of the program you choose. Ensure that you are able to recover from it. If you are feeling tired or weak certain days then simply make it a light day. Or make it into a fun day, run through the kettlebells you have for get-ups minus your heaviest get-up. So maybe 16K each side, the 20K, 24K, back to 20, and then 16 again. Or possibly just go walk for two hours rather than one. Take your time, ensure you are resting enough between sets on your training days, don't be afraid to have some lighter training days, and most important enjoy the journey.


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Thank you for those kind words @banzaiengr . It's easy to compare to others and not notice the progress you've made yourself. But noone I know exercise, let alone lift weights, so don't know if I'm strong, weak or average. But either or, just keep training I guess. :D
I think a measuring tape is one of the best ways to see body changes. Stomach decreases, arms get thicker etc. That and trying to fit into smaller pants. Don't like looking in the mirror, to self conscious to se anything than my fat old self.
So, the talked about birthday party came and it was...fine. Didn't fit in my jeans and my white shirt (I only have one, but a nice expensive one made from Egyptian cotton) felt like a tent around the stomach and was, not to tight, but really uncomfortable around the shoulders and arms, had to constantly try to adjust it. During the after party I went out to my car and changed into a t-shirt.
Eating white bread, cheap fatty frozen meat all covered in cheese, fat and sugar (they served hamburgers at the party) followed by two helpings of birthday cake made me feel quite disgusted. I actually would rather have three eggs on rye toast with raw cabbage, leeks, cucumber and fresh herbs than eat awful unhealthy food like that. The cake was really good though.:p

Managed to do a 10min workout before the party on saturday. 40swings, 15 prying goblet squats and 4 presses on each arm with the 40kg, new PB for the presses, going to order a "Beast" when I can do sets of five.

Rested and slept all sunday and today I did over an hour forest walk followed by a few swings, press ladders (1,2,3,2,1 LR) with the 40kg, did one "proper" bottom up press with a 24kg on my right hand, couldn't do one with my left (so close) and then did 5 bottom-up presses on each arm with 16kg, followed by 5min of RGU's (rabbit get ups). A RGU is when you pick up a heavy friendly rabbit for 5 min and cuddle. Good for your serotonin levels. :)

This is my "platform" where I try to up my kettlebell game. Like most games, as in life, leveling up takes place on a platform, followed by a few dialogue cut-scenes, until you get to the end. :confused:

The weather is perfect now. +10, sunny, no mosquitoes, gnats or flies, lots of birds and rabbits around.
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