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    Oh, no doubt, but as far as taking those measurements and putting them into a formula for body fat percentage that's at least +-5% accurate, probably more. At least that's what I've been told. : )
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    You are an innately strong man. To buy a 40, and immediately enjoy pressing for reps is a feat!
    You could build on this strength in many ways but you have started a thread suggesting that conditioning/fat loss is your main goal... With strength gaining as a side effect.
    Why not the other way round?
    Choosing a goal based on bodyweight (ie half bodyweight press with one hand) gives an incentive to build strength and drop weight.

    Gaining strength seems to be about volume. And you seem to enjoy the grease-the-groove approach to building volume (press heavy with excellent form, rest at least an hour, repeat) and the volume accumulates through the day, and you remain fresh enough to do it daily.
    That is working for you, and will continue to work.

    I think for us beginners our aim should be sustainable volume and good technique.
    For both these this it's important to heed the point made above

    There are many strength benchmarks, none of which are "better" than the others.
    Don't pick the goals because you think you should. Don't let other peoples goals influence you.
    Have a look at these for some other ideas
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    If you read my log you will find I don't get in to weird or humiliating situations for not being strong enough, but because I weigh to much. And I don't feel comfortable being this obese. Bit of a complex...
    And I've been on the same weight since I started exercising in October last year. Some body changes has occurred, but I don't drop weight, just get stronger, like a Midas curse or something. :confused: Would be nice to not be "morbidly obese" and then maybe focus on getting stronger. But with that said I don't really want to loose my muscles either, trying to find the most optimum way.
    The goal of doing "simple" standard and possibly doing "sinister" is I would feel proud to do that. Reading a book about something, sticking with the program and achieving that goal. I've never really done that before. I'm a guy that always loose interest midway, gives up and find something new. Pressing half my bodyweight instead of chasing "simple" and not being obese is just the sort of thing I usually do because it seems easier.

    Thank you for your interest and kind words.
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    Got a message from admin about him removing "explicit sexual content" from my log and informing me that this is not a personal blog for all subjects, but a training log.

    I have high functioning autism and sometimes find it difficult to understand what is appropriate and what is not, perhaps even more so in another language and different culture. I say stupid and weird things all the time, thats why I live by myself in the forest, to complicated trying to fit in in a social group.
    It's what I liked about this forum, a place where I could talk about kettlebells with people with similar interest and share my "journey and woes"and hopefully get some advice...

    I thought that diet, psychical and mental health, quality of life and training were all part of the "Strongfirst"-philosophy.

    I apologize for the explicit content, I did try to choose a tasteful drawing, not a sleazy pornographic photograph. I wanted to share a real "WTH"-effect moment I had that's talked about in the book. I feel stupid now, should've known better.

    Seeing that this is a training log, not a "personal blog for all subjects" I can't keep writing or be apart of this forum, not knowing what is okay to talk about and what is not without having to second guessing myself everytime I want to share something. Just posting numbers and acronyms does not appeal to me. And posting a picture of my lawn with my kettlebells and rabbits, or writing about diets, health care and birthday parties isn't what training log's is supposed to be, so I will stop posting.

    Seems that listening to audiobooks while taking long walks is a better use of my time, I spend to much time on the internet anyways.

    Might update the log when/if I reach "simple".
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    Don't stop posting! Fact that you are writing about the host of other stuff than just training makes your log interesting and lively and funny and enjoyable.
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    Hey man, I've been contacted by the Administrator here a couple times myself. Steve's a good guy and does a wonderful job with the forum.

    I guess what does bother me about this situation is that your post was up there for over a week. They just now took offense to it? Heck, I thought that most things inappropriate here was edited the minute you hit the post button. Not that I'm saying your post was inappropriate.

    I agree with @Mirek completely. Your training log is what I wish mine was. Enjoyable for others to read and at times funny.

    Don't let them chase you off. Post daily, something like "went for a hour walk through the woods this morning. As I walked along I noticed that I was being paralleled by a bear. After about a KM of this I'd had enough and chased him off with a stick."

    I'd also really like to see you do your S&S practice daily and use a lighter kettlebell. Along with the daily walks. Get your diet in check and meet your goals.

    Whether you continue to post here or not, I enjoyed your posts and wish you the best.
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    I've been notified too to edit inappropriate music that was playing in the background of one of my videos. It's no biggie, as long as you comply. You will not be harshly judged. I enjoy reading your blog as do many others, because it's not just numbers and graphs. Training isn't just about sets/reps/etc. it's about (I'm trying not to have a Good Will Hunting moment here) life.
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    Sorry for being overly dramatic. After a good nights sleep, training, and clarification from admin I'll continue to write.
    Admins message was 50% on the dangers of "explicit sex"-stuff, and 50% about how other personal subjects didn't belong in a training log. But after I'd taken some time to think about it and wrote back asking specifically what was okay to write about I got the reply "Don't write about sex!". So, no more dirty talk, and the log goes on. :D

    I've been thinking a lot about changing my training, about maybe doing S/S everyday with lighter weights and/or taking more long walks, or even do both, S/S+1hour walk 6days a week. I will try to up the frequency of the training to everyday next week and see what happens. Perhaps just doing a long walk and 30 clean&presses with the 32kg on the "light days". Always doing the morning walks.
    Eating between 2300kcal-2700kcal a day, average on 2500kcal and try to get at least 200g of protein a day. It's a lot of food when you take away all the junk food and sugar. It's more than 1250kcal (!) in a bag of "swedish fish"-wine gums, my old favorite, and about the same in a pack of cookies.
    I mostly eat boiled potatoes, lean meat or fish, cottage cheese,a lot of vegetables, brown rice, lentils, oatmeal, protein shakes and protein pudding. No added sugar like ketchup or jam. I noticed I ate very little fat and have upped the fat percentage with some mackerel, eggs, 20g of mayo with chili on top of my rice and lentils and a little peanut butter in my protein pudding. Counting and weighing everyting... a bit boring..:(
    I've tried eating 5-600 calories less but I end up feeling tired, unmotivated, sad, hungry obviously and having more cravings for sugar and junk food. Eating 2500kcal from my diet I feel full.
    Went to see the doctor to get the results from the blood test and she also listened to my heart beat. Everything was "perfect". Blood sugar, blood fats, iron levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart beat etc. I feel really lucky not having diabetes or being "pre-diabetic", not going to loose this opportunity to get my health in order.

    Been thinking about those "movie star workouts" you can see on youtube when someone like Chris "Thor" Hemsworth claim to do a heavy weights workout in the morning and a tough cardio workout in the evening and eat about 4000 kcal of healthy food everyday. Feels like I could manage that for a while if I could eat more food. But I also read that while being fat, exercising and feeling "weak and hungry" is just in your mind and you don't need more food than a moderate calorie deficiency diet.
    I thought yesterday I can't let "someone on the internet" decide how I should train, and feeling a bit of indignant righteousnesses about leading all of google's children astray with my depraved mind and horrific imagery, I went heavy instead of doing "light load" to be obtuse! :cool:

    15 prying goblet squats with the 40kg
    40 One arm swings with the 40kg
    20 snatches with a 20kg without pause
    80 two handed swings with the 40kg in sets of 10 and then snatched it once per arm just to prove a point to...someone.... myself I guess...
    farmers walk with the 40kg and the 20kg back, maybe 200m.
    4 presses per arm in sets of 2
    4 bottom up press with the 20kg
    20 "rows" with the 40kg,
    then did some lighter get-ups. A few with a 24kg, and then some with the 16kg. Those are still heavy when I raise myself on my left leg. But having 50kg of fat around my waist doesn't make them any lighter. 1km slow "recovery walk" before showering (I read an article about it).
    I felt good afterwards and still had some "left in the tank", sore shoulders though...
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    So it's easter. That means it's basically "free candy" in the supermarkets. 4$ /4€ for 1kg of "pick&mix"-candy. I've heard that's a typical Scandinavian thing, pick&mix, here's a picture...
    Couldn't stay away from it on monday... And got sick, felt ill and depressed as usual after eating a whole bag and fell asleep at 20:00. The day after I felt awful, tired, upset stomach and depressed. "To fat, to lazy, to stupid..." ...anyway... now I've found the cure for my depression!

    100 snatches (24kg)
    a long hot sauna
    500g of boiled potatoes,
    100g of green lentils with vegetables and chili.
    1 liter of Chai-tea
    an episode of Game of Thrones
    a long nights sleep (yes, that was also a GoT-reference)

    After those ingredients I woke up on wednesday feeling well and back to my "new self" again. Really hope I don't forget it.

    Been thinking about my diet and focused on my walking. Trying to walk 90min a day. 30min before breakfast and about an hour in the evening, followed by some kettlebells. Yesterday I walked 5,6km then did 10 presses each with a 24kg, a 32kg and a 40kg (in 2 sets. 3 reps, rest, then 2) followed by 20 rows with the 24, 32 and 40.
    Going to try do S/S 4 times a week and walking the other days for a while.
    Current weight at 140,8kg down 1 kg from a week ago.

    My platonic non gender specif friend came to visit and we had a Farmers Walk-competition.
    The rules were:
    Walk as long as you can across a field with a 32kg and a 40kg
    When you can't walk any further, put the bells down, sprint back
    When you arrive back at the staring line, the next person sprints to the bells, picks them up and walk with them as long as they can, then sprint back...
    When reaching the end of the field, turn and walk back as long as you can, then sprint back.
    We did this across a 125m wide old barley field 3 times. Then walked the field with the bells once each, putting them down to rest when we needed to. It was fun to have a friendly competition, wouldn't have applied myself as hard if I'd done it by myself.
    My left hand grip and conditioning was the limiting factor.
    After carrying the bells back, another 150m, I did some clean&jerks with the 40kg, until I dropped it from my left hand onto the concrete tiles, scratched the paint on my 40kg bell. :mad:
    the Barley Field of Pain in the background.

    I can do 5 prying goblet squats, 5 rows and 3 presses with the 40kg anytime, thinking about ordering a "Beast", but maybe it's to early, Pavel says you should comfortably be doing 5 presses with a bell before you go up in size...
    Buying the 40kg really did make a difference for my swings. And looking forward to doing the farmers walk with a 48kg and a 40kg next time. :p
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    Did my first set of 5 presses with the 40kg today after breakfast.
    Did three with my muscles, one with will power and the fifth just happend. Lack of gravity or something... But could only manage 4 with my right arm, the fifth one wasn't happening.
    Going to see if I can do it tomorrow again, if so, I'll be ordering a 48kg. :rolleyes:

    In the evening after 30min walk:
    15 prying goblet squats with 40kg
    100 one hand swings with 40kg
    20 rows with 40kg
    12 presses with 40kg (in sets of 3,2,1)

    A lot of rest in between the sets. Doing it for time is impossible. Lack of stamina, left hand grip weak.
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    I picked up my 48kg kettlebell on Friday. The young guy at the DHL-place recognized me from when I picked up the 40kg and said:
    -"I saw the package, recognized the adress... I'm not helping you!"
    So I went behind the counter and into the package area, had him remove the cardboard-box (that was broken), sat the bell on the ground, cleaned (as in clean&press) it with my right hand and tried to press it, but couldn't do it, just got it halfway...:oops:
    -"Time to get home and practice then!" Laughed the DHL-guy while I carried the bell out to my car on my shoulder.

    Got home, did 50 two hand swings and a few clean's. This is what it feels like to pick up a 48kg and try to press it above your head:
    And then you feel pissed off and weak because it doesn't move.
    Did some goblet squats but could only do 1,5 "prying"-thing in sets of 3, and on the third set I hurt my wrist. No seriously hurt, but it felt sore and hurt when I moved it, so called it quits for the day.... and not a good one.

    The next day my platonic, non sexual, friend came by and we did farmers walk for 225m with the 40kg and the 48kg... in the rain.. uphill. I started walking and when I couldn't go any further with proper form I sat them down and then it was my friends turn. and so on... When we reached the top of the hill my t-shirt was wetter than my hoodie I had over it, from all the sweat.
    Then it was time to walk back with the bells, my friends grip was "out" so I carried them back by myself, then did 50 two hand swings.

    We had talked about trying to binge watch the rest of season two of "the Handmaids Tale", but after cooking a simple quick meal we fell asleep and woke up 23:11, made a big protein shake with blueberries and then called it a night. Not that exiting for a saturday evening...

    On Sunday I rested... and ate a lot of food.

    Today I did:
    15 goblet squats with 48kg (no prying this day)
    80 two hand swings with 48kg
    20 swings with 32kg
    20 presses with 32kg (sets of 5)
    10 presses with 40kg (sets of 3,2)
    10 rows with 48kg

    Feels like I've been run over. :confused:

    I really want to press the darn thing! Going to try to up the volume on the presses the coming week.

    I now weigh 139,8kg. Big deal for me to get down under 140kg, haven't been under 140kg since I started exercising in October last year. But my body really has changed, but still a lot of fat on it.
    But interestingly according to my measuring tape and online body-fat calculator I've dropped 5kg of body fat in a month!
    Was at 35,8% bodyfat, 142kg and 126cm around my waist and now I'm at 32,4% bodyfat, 139,8kg with 123cm around the waist/bellybutton.
    And to be honest 1kg of the 139,8 is because of a little fasting, a visit to the bathroom and a long walk before weighing myself.
    I know the numbers aren't totally reliable, and maybe 5kg of lost body fat and gained muscle is overly optimistic but half that isn't bad. And I read that for every kilogram of muscle you put on you also bind about 3 times as much water... so +4kg = 1kg of muscle+3kg of water/glycogen/blood.
    The added cardio session each week and the 90min walking, 30min on training days, seems to work. :)
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    Hey. I’m an idiot. So take this with a grain of salt.

    1. badasss. You’ve done great so far. Just the hammering through your own issues and problems is a freaking triumph.
    2. that thing with the sweets in January sounds like a textbook panic attack. An overwhelming moment of anxiety.
    3. Are you keeping track of your overall totals? If so could you post them? In other words the total weight lost, total inches lost, etc. Do this so that every time you post something you are reminded how far you’ve come.
    4. I’m a monkey. idk weight loss or science. I have NEVER been truly overweight. Not really. So everything I am about to say from here on is total BS.
    5. As you grow muscle, assuming you’re actually growing new muscle mass, you are, assuming I understand this correctly, increasing the metabolic cost of just being alive. In short, you’re burning more calories by x percent, based on the increased caloric cost of fueling the new and existing muscle. So, there is hope for weight loss there alone.
    6. Stop counting calories burned. The algorithms are too unreliable at this time. Simply do the work.
    7. Look at yourself. Are you holding a disproportionate amount of belly fat? I ask this because there is some research that ties belly fat with endocrine issues.
    8. Treat yourself. Absolutely do. But do it on one day a month. Just one. Pasta. Candy. Cakes. Whatever. Hate yourself tomorrow. Lol. But give yourself a cheat day. Then, every third month, give yourself two cheat days. Days of your choosing. Can be back to back, or spread out. Up to you. You will likely begin to self moderate those cheat days, assuming you are making an effort that you do not wish to compromise.
    9. Kidney stones. Nope. Nope nope nope.
    10. Several posts about patience. Yep. Yep yep yep. Do that. Take your time. Let that “shut” just slowly melt away. “Hurry up, carefully.” That exactly.
    11. Sucks about the girl bud. It does. You. You focus on the goal here. Do that. That above all.
    12. Do NOT weigh yourself daily. Do NOT trust that scale. Trust the work. Weigh yourself once a week is you must, once a month if you can.
    13. I am going to say something here everyone is going to hate, no one is going to agree with, and may get me booted. Stop working out to loose weight. Stop it. Don’t do it. The metabolic cost for a normal, non-athlete to workout is just too small to hang the entirety of your weight loss on. Workout ONLY for the short and long term benefits to working out. And there are. And many of those benefits are in fact directly related to metabolic cost.m, ie: weight loss. But unless you can work out like a professional athlete everyday, your weight loss is not going to come, speaking in terms of hard numbers and percentages, from working out unless you are looking 20 years into the future. You MUST workout. You must. It’s is building a machine that will more efficiently burn calories, make you a healthier man into the coming years, improve your mood and you life experience for years to come, keep you being able to tie your own shoes, allow you to get into and out of a car without requesting help, working out will give you something amazing and healthy to look forward to, it will without question make you happier and healthier, but do not workout “to lose weight.” Weight loss is radiation at the very periphery of the uranium that is working out. If you workout to lose weight, and you don’t lose weight, or you don’t lose the weight you hoped you might, that then is a crack in your will, your desire to workout. And it’s a crack that shouldn’t be there. A false crack. But it will be there none the less. I’m looking at what you’re doing in a workout. How many minutes does a workout take you? What, if any, does your rest look like in a set? In the workout as a whole? Workout. Workout hard. Workout as often as you can. As hard as you can. Let that last rep drop you to the ground. But, do NOT make the mistake of thinking that a workout, or 10, or 100, is going to magically make you lose weight by itself. Or themselves. Lol. If you have a puzzle, and you have one piece of a puzzle in your hand, is the puzzle finished? Nope. It isn’t. The puzzle isn’t complete without the one piece, neither is it complete with that piece alone.
    14. Do NOT beat yourself up over sugar. It’s the easiest way for your body to get energy and the body does love quick and easy. Don’t do it. Don’t beat yourself up. Had some sugar? Good. Fuel for the next workout and a moment to remember the next time you have to battle the urge.
    15. Hospitals and doctors and BMI. The lolz. I have a friend who’s had to deal with this. Eh, an abundance of caution I guess.
    16. Eating. Eating sucks. I LOVE eating. I love eating ALL the garbage food. All of it. But as I said weight has never been a problem for me. Eating sucks because it is primal. Genetic. Like, eating, breathing, reproducing, all things we can just barely control. You say you’re eating clean. Idk what that means. I guess your previously described diet minus the sugar treats. Or threats as you often misspell them. Sigmund Freud just smiled. Anyway, you have some genetic and metabolic disadvantages. You have to figure out how to work around them. Genetically, you are from a cold environment. Sweden is cold. Or coldish. Your genes are constantly trying to keep you from freezing to death based on possibly 1000s of years of genetic history. Broadly speaking your comparatively few years of genetic experience is nothing compared to that. So that’s one hurdle. The other MUST be singularly metabolic. Well, assuming you’re being honest about your caloric intake. There must be something that is telling your metabolism that you NEED to store fat. Something outside of your genes, even though those two systems are intricately connected. Stress? Anxiety? Something that is tripping the fight or flight response. Idk what that is. Could be anything, could be nothing. You’ve had at least one panic attack, in my estimation, have you had others? Also, I just read 2300 calories. That’s a decent amount of calories. Idk, maybe cut them back? Possibly back to 1900 or so.
    17. Side note. Fuzzbuckle a fat ward. Wt freak?? Are you kidding me? Dude, do NOT go to a fat ward.
    18. Never, EVER, use the term fat shame. Ever. Period.
    19. The potato diet. Idk. I think it is simply an elimination diet. Idk. Maybe you can “live” on potato’s, but can you thrive?
    20. Stop with the charts and the BMI crap. The Rock is clinically obese. You may be carrying more weight than is healthy for you to carry, but the charts can suck it.
    21. Heracles and the Bull. You’re thinking of Milo. Lol. As a boy, or a teen, or a man, lol, who knows, he carried a calf on his back every day to idk where. He did this every day as the calf grew into a bull. As the calf grew, so did Milos strength. God I love the Greeks.
    22. Body weight work. There is I think some research that links body weight work to increased weight loss. Idk, can’t hurt to end your workout with a few sets of dips, pull-ups, pushups, et al.
    23. Hunger. You’ve suggested the idea a couple of times. Hunger is complex and often tied to emotion. As in the eating point above, it’s primal, something you don’t “control” without possible serious repercussions. For me hunger is a different thing from most people, I guess. I am hungry all the time. Could, can, and do eat whenever. Whatever. But, I can also go a day or two without meals and be okay. Idk. I’m not normal. Bear that in mind as I give you my advice on navigating hunger. Lol.
    24. Hunger. Part two. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. Look at the research. It’s generally agreed that the average person can go about three weeks, 21 days, without eating before death walks into the room to have a say. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. And yet, google Angus Barbieri. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. He went 382 days, according to reports, without consuming food. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. He weighed about 215k I think. In a year he went down to about 95k. The reports are credible. See the post graduate medical journal 1973. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. He was given medically supervised supplements. But no food. And he attested to eating no food. My point is DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. But also, be aware that your hunger may not be well informed. Think I’m wrong? Guys, how often do you want to .... be in flagrante dilecto.... with that chick (or guy. Whatever.) you see across the coffee shop? Or bar? Or grocery store? Or whatever? Tell me I’m wrong.
    25. Hunger and emotions. Omg. Good luck. They’re so closely tied together I think it’s eons before we untie that knot. Just be informed that your “hunger” at least can be the formed by your emotions. Eh, maybe not eons, but many many decades at least. Be as aware as you can of how your emotions and experiences effect your hunger. Make judgments from there.
    26. Your progress in the exercises. Omg. Dude. You are a beast. Those eff-reaking Viking genes. Can I have them???
    27. Again, freak a fat ward.
    28. The pictures. Dude. I’m not exactly a Christian, but do you live in Eden???
    29. The dialogue cut scene thing. Omglol.
    30. Okay. That’s the whole thread. Idk if I helped of hurt but I will say this, IGNORE EVERYTHING I SAID. I barely have the intellect of a chimpanzee but I have a TON of opinions.
    31. Last. I have a nephew who is challenged with autism. Much respect. Love you bud. You got this.
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    Not to be a downer but given that Dekapon has been working out for such a short time the amount of muscle he has gained while on what is suppose to be a calorie deficit is most likely a small number. His gains in strength have most likely come from his central nervous system getting used to the workouts.

    The only way to lose fat is to be on a calorie deficit. So you either need to count calories and find out what number allows for a safe 2 lb. (about 1 K) of loss per week or be on such a good diet that you know you are going to loose weight. Most of us don't need as much as we think. A very easy way is to take your goal weight x 10 and use that as a calorie goal. So a man wanting to weigh 200 lb. would eat 2000 calories. Watch you weight loss, if you lose more than 2 lb. add 100 calories. If you gain, subtract 200 calories. Most folks haven't the expertise nor experience to say o.k., time to clean it up and then just eat in such a way that will allow success. But as you say, calorie burning counters are notoriously inaccurate.

    There is no weight loss workout. Weight loss only comes from a calorie deficit. It's done in the kitchen where we eat the appropriate number of calories to lose fat. Training or workouts are a way to increase the calories burned. Plus there are other benefits like heart health.

    @Dekapon Damn it man, quit with this fun#in' around with C&P's and other crap. Do the S&S workout as printed, 100 one hand swings, recover between sets of 10 reps, don't worry about the time. Test yourself about once or twice per month for the time. 10 get ups, 5 right and 5 left. Test them the same day you test your swings. Do this for 4-5 days per week along with a 1 hr. brisk walk each day.

    Get on a diet of lean meats and vegetables. Limited grain, no sugar, no starch.

    Do this for six month and see where you are at. You'll be happy with the results. Then do it for another six months. I'll put it this way, when you feel energetic on a training day or off day use the 40 and 48 for your carries. Make up some fun games to do on other days to break up the monotony, but only about once per month. The rest of the time it's S&S. When you can do a correct S&S session with a 32K in 16 minutes, 5 minutes for the swings, one minute rest, 10 minutes for the get ups, then we can visit about other movements. Get to fuc#ing work!!!
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    @Writefast :
    Thank you for caring and posting all those words. :)
    I'll try to adress the things you've mentioned...

    First of all: The Cretan Bull was Hercules seventh labour. Milo was just some ordinary guy pushing around a cow. ;)
    Second: I apologize for the spelling, some is autocorrect but mostly it's because I rarely use the English written language. I just read it, listen to it and see it in movies. I will try to keep those threatening treats at bay!
    Third: Panic attack? Hmm, I don't think so. Don't really have those issues, more long periods of depression.
    Forth: Don't know of "disproportionate" belly fat, the picture of me in my flipflops is about how I look. Big belly with unhealthy amount of fat, but also really fat thighs and behind. Fat all around...
    Fifth: Volume, progress, rest and calories.
    I've posted all the data I have, just started with the measuring tape a month ago. I try to take long rest in between sets. At the moment I don't want to cut back more on the calories. Trying to do this over a longer period of time and changing my way of living for the rest of my life. No crash diet and back to old habits.
    Lastly: Genes and living in Sweden.
    I'm a believer in the "tabula rasa"-theory. Don't really care that much about genes. So move to Sweden if you want to be a Viking. And yes, it's beautiful, sometimes... when it's not raining and the sun sets at 14:46 and cover all the mud, cold and dampness in darkness. :D

    @banzaiengr :
    Why would I change my diet if my blood values are "perfect", I'm loosing weight, getting stronger and never felt this healthy in my life?

    Is the Turkish Get-up really the one true exercise one shouldn't have any other exercises before it, or may he so burn in hell as a heretic?
    Swings, squats, clean and presses, farmers walk, snatches and rows doesn't seem that daft to me, also thinking about getting a tractor tire for flipping... Or have I not been indoctrinated properly to see the light?

    Only fun once a month? That's sounds like the stuff my soccer and hockey coaches used to yell at me when I was a kid. That I was fat, lazy, weird, always last, only wanted to have fun, never was going to win and they were never going to let me play until I toughened up.

    When me and my friend was standing sweaty, soaked and panting in the pouring rain after the farmers walk... both smiling... I said "this is really fun!"... and then I kissed her.
    I like fun. :)
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  15. banzaiengr

    banzaiengr Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    No, non of this should be fun! LOL

    Hey dude I thought you were doing S&S? No, no one is saying you have to do S&S. Is it a good program? Yes Are there those who criticize it's simplicity? You bet

    Your blood values are perfect, NOW. I hadn't seen any information to indicate that you were losing weight. Let me ask you this, is your body fat percentage under 20%? If not do you think that's healthy?

    If it's going well man then keep at it. I've offered lots of advice on this forum that doesn't get listen to. It doesn't bother me in the least. But the title to your log is "Seeking Advice On Training". Guess I missed something. :)
  16. Dekapon

    Dekapon Triple-Digit Post Count

    Hehe, yeah, no pain no gain! How dare I have fun?

    Well... I was doing S/S. Haven't said I've quit, thinking it's more of an expansion of the program. Right now I'm going to try to press the 48kg for the next three weeks, after that maybe I'll focus on doing a 48kg get-up.
    I'm doing one "pure" S/S session a week, one cardio with only snatches and at least two "fun" sessions, and a lot of greasing the groove presses along with the walking. It's a lot more exercise, only with less turkish get-ups.
    I also want to be good at walking.

    Do you think it healthy eating only red meat and lettuce and dropping 20kg in a month?
    Is that a healthy long term solution or just a quick fix with an unhealthy diet to reduce my BMI?

    My blood values were, surprisingly, really good, because of my diet and exercise. And I have dropped 3,4% in body fat in april and 2kg of weight after some tweaking to my diet and longer walks.

    Yes, I'm "seeking advice"... not going to take it if I'm not convinced its any good. ;)
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  17. banzaiengr

    banzaiengr Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    If it's working then stick with I guess. Anything will work for 6 to 8 weeks.

    Doesn't have to be red meat and lettuce. There's chicken, pork, and all sorts of fish. And too many vegetables to mention.

    Two lb./week would be 8 lb. per month which only equates to 3.6 K. Not unhealthy at all. 8 lb. in a month is not a quick fix. Lean meats and vegetables is not an unhealthy diet.

    Hey that's great. Keep it up, you're only short 1.6 K/month as to what I recommended you would try to lose. As far as body fat, 3.4% is probably good but I don't know your weight, your lean body mass, etc. Sounds like you're having success.

    So maybe like your hockey coach, I see some potential here. I'm not saying anything negative. Only giving advice that is known to work for many.

    If your goal is to press the 48 K rather than do simple which I believe is a better goal for all around health and fitness then keep at it. 48 K, is almost 106 lb. How close is that to half of your body weight?
  18. Dekapon

    Dekapon Triple-Digit Post Count

    Yes, was getting a little boring with S/S, especially with the 32kg, I like it heavy.

    I wrote the numbers yesterday in my log, 32,4% bodyfat, 139,8kg with 123cm around the waist. Bodyfat is going down, but not my weight.
    My diet is a high fibre/high protein diet, I need the "starches" in form of potatoes, pulses, beans, rice and other root vegetables. Actually trying to eat more vegan food. Healthy changes for the long haul, for me and the planet. And listening more to what WHO and the doctors and professors at the Public health agency of Sweden has to say about meat consumption, fibre and fat intake than fad diets like keto, lchf or carnivore.
    If my blood values had been catastrophic I would've tried anything. But I don't know how to make them better than "perfect" so sticking with it for now.
    Haha, thanks, but I don't think my coaches saw any potential in me as a kid. I didn't want to be there because it made me sad and more unpopular and the coaches didn't want me there because I didn't "have it" and wasn't a "winner", so they yelled at me during practice and put me on the bench during matches, to my fathers great disappointment. Had I known then I had autism I wouldn't have tried so hard to fit in and not made myself hate any physical exercise because of it. It's a lot of reprogramming to do. Making out in the rain with your training partner seems to help though...:p

    I know I'm being weird, but since I have about 48kg of fat on my body my goal is to press that weight over my head, as a metaphor. Taking control over my body again. :confused:
  19. North Coast Miller

    North Coast Miller More than 2500 posts

    I like to check out those fitness regimens too, at least the parts that are made public. Most seem to be variations of old-school BB type work, a lot of pyramids, set extenders, always with the split and some form of conditioning later in the day. But it all depends, training Scarlet Johanssen / Black Widow for one of the earlier films, a trainer had her doing high volume air squats instead of loading her up with weights.

    Paraphrasing one of Helmsworth's trainers "all of the methods those classic bodybuilders used still work today, there's nothing magic or new". But, these folks are in a real hurry, incredibly motivated, and probably have nutritionists preparing all their meals. And no harm in some juice, although Josh Brolin denied taking any for his role in Deadpool, and I believe him. I'm not sure its needed for "super hero" physique.

    If there's one principle I swear by it is working a range of weights and loading strategies. Also in the last year I have come to seriously appreciate what a heart rate monitor and a stopwatch can do for conditioning. Takes the guesswork out of it and provides another measure of progress.

    And unlike CF and some other schools of thought I don't like to combine conditioning and strength training in the same session or even the same day. Conditioning IMHO should be primarily concerned with manipulating heart rate and improving basic mobility, and not take much away from strength/size building.
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  20. Dekapon

    Dekapon Triple-Digit Post Count

    Yes, they don't claim to have some secret formula or special machine to help them. Just an incredible amount of hard bodybuilding work and diet.
    Getting paid wast amounts of money, having a PT and a personal chef and your career depending on you having an 8-pack on the day of your shirtless scene would all be good motivators I'm guessing. And Hollywood doesn't do doping tests...
    I saw one video were a guy "worked out like Chris Hemsworth for a month" and one thing that stood out was the meditation, or plain rest, he did every day after lunch. Weights in the morning, food, nap, food, cardio, food, sleep. Thinking about trying to do that come summer. Taking a siesta during the hottest hours of the day might also help with recovery from training. And I could do S/S in the morning and just some light cardio in the evening to start with and prepare a few days of food in advance, like a training camp.
    But first things first... pressing the 48kg (while trying to loose weight.)

    Been thinking about getting at least a timer for my training, and maybe borrowing a fitbit... Really don't like being dependent on my fragile, expensive smart phone and all the apps with ads. But I guess I could afford and make space for a $2 timer with magnet from IKEA and taking my pulse with my fingers... :rolleyes:
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