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    Hey guys! Thanks for asking. Yeah, I'm okay, still training, never stopped.
    Haven't been logging or been at the forum much since I got put on "probation" by the admin. Let's be diplomatic about it and say this doesn't seem like a good fit for me. Maybe I'll change my mind and come back sometime, but for now, staying away from forums, trolls, social media, fake news and death threats makes me feel calmer and happier. (Didn't get any death threats in here, but still..."the internet"...) :(

    I'm also in a legal dispute with the Swedish department of health insurance. Don't get me wrong, it's not an American legal dispute where I'm suing the government for 300 million $ and risk hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees if I loose. It's "free" to make a legal claim if you feel your health insurance withdrawal is wrong. If you win you get your money back , if not, you can file another claim... BUT it takes "at least" 18 months (!) for the court to process the dispute. And that is if nothing new happens. So it's hurry up and wait in limbo until March 2021. I'm fine, I have means for rent and food, but not much else. Hopefully that will change in March 2021. Stressful and disheartening having to put your plans in life on hold.

    That stuff combined with the "internet stuff" causes a lot of stress, so I try to stay away from it and focus on my health.
    Historical document proving cave men ate a lot of meat.

    I'm vegan since August. If Greta can, so can I!!! :D
    I have the ambition of eating Whole Food Plant Based but I'm just vegan for now. A lot of wonderful food to cook and eat. My favorite dish right now is homemade ramen with bean spagetti, onions, chili, vegetable stock, carrots, oat cream, rosemary, a whole (450g) bag of frozen broccoli (that's 20g of protein) and nutritional yeast. Very tasty and locally produced.
    I eat really well... oat meal with fruit and soy milk for breakfast. Vegetable smoothie with pea protein (if you freeze the vegetables, it tastes okay, lukewarm beets, apple and kale is awful.), a really big bowl of green lentils and brown rice with vegetables and hot sauce for dinner and fruit salad with a little almond flower for desert.
    BUT... these last two months I've also eaten a bag (100g, 450kcal, 13g protein) of lentil crisps or a bag of pick&mix candy (no nutritional value at all) almost every day. :oops:
    So haven't lost any weight, but haven't gained any either and I feel strong and healthy. Working on quitting the vegan junk food. The real food I eat taste so much better, it's just habit and comfort.

    I've also started with cold showers, Wim Hof-style. Been doing them everyday since september outside... with the garden hose. Really practical. You can do your training in just your underwear, no shoes, at +5C and then take a cold shower. And just like Eddie Izzard say "you can't be terrified and bored at the same time" you really can't be depressed in an ice bath! :cool:

    Been focusing on healing my right wrist and on cardio so haven't gone that heavy.
    The last three sessions were:
    50 2hand swings 32kg, no pause
    50 2 hand swings 48kg, set of 15, 15, 10, 10
    10 squats 48kg
    70 snatches 32kg, sets of 5
    35 push-ups, set of 10, 5, 5, 5, 10
    50 2hand swings 40kg, set of 25.
    10 squats 48kg
    100 2hand swings, 48kg
    20 presses 32kg, set of 10
    10 presses 40kg, set of 5

    The push-ups are really hard! I found an article that said that 1 pushup is about 75% of your body weight in the lowest position. So that's the equivalent of a 105kg bench press. And I hate bench press.
    Aiming for 10x5 push-ups this month with 100 snatches. Just need to take my time.
    I'm training 3-4 times a week and try to take at least 6-8km walks two days a week.

    With the cold showers, vegan diet, lower carbon footprint, less internet, more movies and books I actually feel really good. (y)[​IMG]
    (In my country it's not political to care about the environment, this is not a political statement.)
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    That's awesome dude. I understand your frustration. I've always been kind of a joker (that's code for a#$%*@#^) and folks take me wrong all the time. But I do get in trouble on social media as folks can't see my face or hear my tone. I wish they would come up with some sort of sarcasm font! LOL

    I continue to plug away. I haven't lost as much weight as I had hoped to by now. But my lifts are getting pretty close to what they were before I shattered my heel. What I need to do is figure out what I want to be when I grow up and set some specific goals. LOL
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