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Bodyweight Seeking Pull Up Bar Recommendations


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I’d like to install a wall-mounted pull up bar in my garage, but am a little lost amongst the options on Rogue and Amazon. Different finishes and options. If you have a bar you recommend or mounting advice as it appears at least Rogues bars don’t include the hardware, I appreciate it.

Size wise, best to not stick out from the wall more than about 2’, 3’ tops.
I would like to buy heavy duty in terms of the higher weight holds to work towards pulls with kb on waist etc.

Thank you in advance!


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I have the Rogue Jammer, but I can really only recommend it if you're installing it above a doorway.

Otherwise, it doesn't have enough clearance from the wall to a proper tuck with chin ups. Pull ups aren't as bad.

Steve Freides

Elite Certified Instructor
Here's a link - as you can see, they have a lot of options:

I have their "rafter side mount pullup bar" - costs $55, was $50 when I bought it a while back. Rock solid - I have rings hanging from it, and IronMind's Rolling Thunder handles hanging from it, and it does everything I've asked it to do.

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