Selouyanov’s hypertrophy routine - my experience so far

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I just completed 3rd week of “slow twitch fiber protocol” from SF articles series and I ran into a problem.

Here is my plan:
Monday: squats - 30 sec x4
Tuesday: push ups - 30 sec x4
Wednesday: inverted rows - 30 sec x4
Thursday: squats - 30 sec x1
Friday: push ups - 30 sec x1
Saturday: inverted rows - 30 sec x1
Sunday: off
All sets are done without locking out, rest between sets - 10 minutes minimum.

Although I could probably push my body even harder, I have all symptoms of overtraining. I’m making progress, but I felt really sluggish all week. I think it’s not physical, but more psychological.
From the article: “Two, to cause psychological stress that promotes release of anabolic hormones.”
I feel that strain after every set and at the end of the week of doing these workouts it really gets into me.
If you guys remember the argument against training to failure or close to failure - that it’s going to overstimulate the CNS? That’s exactly how I am right now.

I’d like to compress these workouts somehow to get more days of complete rest. The protocol calls for “classic bodybuilding split”, every bodypart 2x a week - 1 hard (in my case 4 sets) and one easy (in my case 1). I don’t know if it’s allowed to perform these exercises in supersets on this protocol, for example: doing rows or push ups during the rest between sets of squats. Or even combining all 3 exercises into one workout? I think that reducing the number of weekly workouts might improve my results and wellbeing. I emailed SF, but unfortunately they told me that Pavel is on vacation. I tried to do some research on this workout, but all of the artciles and videos from Selouyanov are in Russian. ’ll appreciate your suggestions.

The positive effects:
I don't know if it's possible to gain muscle in as little as 3 weeks, but I think I look more muscular.
I’m getting better at all 3 exercises, especially the squats. The pump is great. I feel like a beast on my bike, my quads never burn when cycling. My appetite improved.

But still, the fatigue is a huge con. Before I started this experiment, I thought that the long rest periods would somehow diminish the fatigue.
I was also thinking about using the super slow and non lock-out principles, but instead of doing 30-60 sec sets, I would keep them shorter - 10-20 sec to minimize the use of the glycolytic pathway and make it alactic-aerobic. What do you think?
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