SF kettlebells shipping to canada?

Benjamin Renaud

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Hello, anyone know if I can get SF kettlebells to ship to Canada? I can't get the store to give me a shipping option.


If not, can anyone give me feedback on a few brands. Are MDUSA grey or blue series anything like the SF ones? Or the rogue fitness or Ader ones? These are a few that I can get in Canada easier. I can only order online, no one sells them close to where I live.

For now I have a 16kg competition one but would like to try the cast iron ones for the 24kg I plan to buy.


Thanks to anyone with answers and comments.




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The Ader "fat handle" bells are a good product if you have XL or XXL hands.  The handles are a little taller than other brands, but also narrower and not as good for two-hand swings.


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The Strongfirst Kettlebells are actually performbetter.com kettlebells.  Go to their site and see if they ship to Canada.  Their kettlebells are on sale right now.

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