SFG Mobility Complex

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Is this something that is only "revealed" at an SFG course? If not, I'd love an overview!


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@cmerrow Basically we cover circular motion at every joint and basic patterns before training:

Ankle, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, fingers, shoulders, 3 way neck (forward, side to side, back)

Also..basic movement patterns:
tactical frog sits, deep squats, hip hinge, downward dog pose

Pavel Macek

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SFG Mobility Complex is part of a morning recharge at every course and certification. To learn more, please refer to Pavel's book Super-Joints, and Jon Engum's Flexible Steel book and certification.


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@cmerrow You may be interested in the following thread.

Super Joints - minimum effective dose

There is mention of a Flexibility Steel Mobility Complex, which I have been doing ever since it appeared in this forum. Like @natewhite39 mentioned is pretty much doing circular motion at every joint. Like @Pavel Macek mentioned it is mainly taken from SJ, RIS and FS. I particularly like the Egyptian. I use this 7-8 min warmup before every single session and it has done wonders for my joints, especially shoulders.

On youtube there are videos of Max Shank doing what he calls '5 minute flows', to be done daily when you wake up; they are good too.
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I concur with the above. Just can't say enough good stuff about Super Joints/Flexible Steel...
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