Should have tried lifters long ago!

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  1. Bro Mo

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    I had only seen one person in real life use heel lifter shoes. He was a competitive weightlifter when he was in high school. I assumed it was only for the Oly lifts to stay more upright. I also assumed it was better for me to stick with minimal shoes or barefoot to practice and improve ankle dorsiflexion, etc. I also thought I would be a poser if I wasn't at a minimum lifting 4/5/6 plates for the bench/squat/DL, respectively for it to matter.

    I wish I would have tried them long ago. Every lift is better in them, even deadlifts. The acceleration out of the bottom is noticeably faster in both the squat and deadlift. My posture is better and shifting the load to my legs more makes every lift feel less "dangerous" and susceptible to injuries.

    I saw a video of Rippetoe rebutting a statement that shoes aren't natural like barefoot. His rebuttal was that lifting a barbell wasn't natural either so use the shoes.

    I just picked up some Do-Wins from Rogue; what shoes are your favorite?
    Who do you recommend use them and why?
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  2. Antti

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    I have and use Adidas Adipowers. Great shoes. Tried many Adidas and Nike shoes and the Adipowers fitted the best. No other brands nearby to try out.

    I like the grip and the support. The shoes don't only help performance, but safety as well.

    I like the shoes for most of my training, but I don't wear them for the deadlift.

    My squat style has so far been high bar with quite a narrow stance. I am only starting to try out the more typical powerlifting form. I don't know if my shoe preference will change with it. I am already on the lookout for shoes for the sumo deadlift. Something with more grip than the slippers I have used so far.
  3. Anna C

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    I love them too. Mine are Power Perfect 3s. I find them essential for heavy squats, great for press and bench press, and I even like them for deadlift... although it's a toss-up with deadlift between those and flat shoes.
  4. Chrisdavisjr

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    I've just read Starting Strength and after seeing your post I just had to get myself a pair. I've got a pair of Adidas Power Perfect 2s on their way to me from an ebay seller. They're a half size up from what I usually wear so they should be just right (most people recommend going up a size). I managed to get them cheap so it's not a disaster if they don't fit. I'll report my findings once I've given them a try.
  5. Glen

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    I have used three types of heeled lifting shoes.

    *do wins wooden heeled
    *legacy apparel

    For Olympic lifting adipowers are awesome if you don't have wide feet. The support and positioning is excellent for quick lifts but come at a price. Had mine five years and still look immaculate despite thrice weekly sessions for few years.
    The downside of them is high heel height isn't great for powerlifts if you squat wide IMO. Had to narrow stance a lot with these I found.

    For price and for squatting Do Wins are superb. Mine got stolen from my car which was sad times.
  6. Bro Mo

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    ROFL Who steals lifting shoes?!?!
  7. Glen

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    ROFL wasn't just shoes, had my whole training kit in a bag - belts, wraps, shoes, lockjaw collars, fractional plates and other bits. Probably about three hundred quid of equipment about four weeks before I was due to compete at the world drug free powerlifting championships - hugely stressful time!
  8. Chrisdavisjr

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    That's brutal, man. How did the championships go?
  9. Chrisdavisjr

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    My shoes just arrived and they're pretty much a perfect fit. Initial impressions are very good: They're comfortable and I feel 'solid', almost as if I'm laced and strapped into the ground.

    I'll give them a proper try in the gym as soon as I get a chance.
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  10. Antti

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    @Glen it seems that our experience regarding the Adipowers' fit is different. I believe I have wide feet, like I often have had to buy shoes of a bigger size than my foot length would indicate, etc. The Adipowers fit very well, better than the rest of the models I tried out and shoes in general. But maybe it's a relative issue.

    Just wanted to point this out in case some wide-footed person reads the thread and dismisses the shoes; I recommend to try them out.

    That's the feel!
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  11. Glen

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    Only made my opener, ended up third behind two Moldovans, few years later placed third behind him again (both me and other guy was British, tying on weight both having achieved new British record but he was lighter so he got second). Got bumped to second when the Moldovan failed his drug test a few weeks later - if I had been to the toilet before weigh in, who knows might have got first :D
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  12. Chrisdavisjr

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    First sesh with the lifters today: Squats were excellent; they're worth getting even if you only use them for squatting; I hit a new rep PR and felt more stable at the bottom of the squat than ever before. Standing barbell presses (or just 'presses') felt good with no stability concerns. In retrospect, I should probably have tried some push presses.

    Deadlifts were fine but the slight angle on the ankle caused me to shift my weight onto my toes a few times and I felt almost as though I had to lean back a little to keep my weight on my mid foot. I'm sure it's just a question of getting used to it. I'll try them with sumo deadlifts next time to see if they eliminate the lateral movement that occasionally occurs inside looser-fitting, flat-soled shoes.
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  13. Steve Freides

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    I would absolutely never lift in a shoe with a raised heel.

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  14. Steve Freides

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    I mean I’d never deadlift in that kind of shoe.


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