Shoulder position in OAPU

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A few weeks ago I tried a few one arm one leg push ups and managed 3 between both hands.

I found though that I struggled to keep my shoulders packed and my anterior delta were very sore the next day (where my chest and abs and triceps were not at all).

I do a lot of overhead press and pull ups and can keep packed shoulders for those as well as swings and deadlifts etc.

Regress technique? Other exercises to help?
I’d never tried them before so any advice will be helpful.


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@AleksSalkin 's program in this article:

Get a Heavier Military Press With the One-arm One-leg Push-up | StrongFirst

"As with anything we do at StrongFirst, progression is the name of the game. In most cases for feats of bodyweight strength, adding weight isn’t a viable option. The secret weapon to succeeding and progressing with one-arm push-ups is doing a miniature version of the movement—in this case, elevating your working hand and slowly reducing the leverage as you get stronger"
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