Sidepress - correct way to get the bar to the other arm


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i just started again with the sidepress and was reading up again. Now I am curious: what is the correct way to get the bar to the other arm? Toto ring around the body or putting it on the floor and taking up with the other side from the floor.

The question is more academic as I have a rack and simply rack the bar, turn around and start with the other side.

Steve W.

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I would not try to switch arms without parking the bar, whether on the floor or on a rack.

Two side press tips I've found useful:

Don't center your hand on the bar. Center a point below your pinky on the bar. Experiment to find the exact balance point, but toward the pinky will be much more stable than the center of the hand.

To set up for your first rep, get the bar overhead anyway you safely and easily can (push press or jerk it, use your non-working hand to assist, whatever it takes). Then lower the bar under tension into the starting position. I find this allows me a much tighter and stronger starting position for the first rep (perhaps this could be considered a bit of a cheat, but for my purposes I don't see a downside).

Pavel Macek

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Correct is the safe way - I vote for "putting it on the floor and taking up with the other side from the floor."

All explained in PTTP!

Below are some tips from Arthur Saxon:
The bell having been stood on end, stand with the left foot in front of the right, and a good space between the two. Now place the right hand in the centre of the bar, the left hand immediately below same. Place the right elbow on the hip and to the front, as shown in illustration, then bend forward with the head held down, after which suddenly lean backwards, lifting upwards with both hands, at the same time the right elbow on the body being used as a fulcrum on which to lever over the weight. To perform this lift properly the legs will have to be considerably bent at the time you pull the bell over towards you. If this is done fairly quickly, one ball will, with the aid of your hands, overbalance the other, by falling over and backwards....

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