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In the spirit of S&S - be sure to rest plenty between sets.

A huge game changer for me was searching back posts and finding (paraphrase not a quote) to "rest after each set until you can comfortably talk and another 30 seconds." Totally opposite of how I have trained all my life, more beat it to death has been my m.o.

Since forcing myself to rest like this I have been quite surprised at how much faster my progress. Also, the ease and pleasantness of the workout and how good I feel after finishing.

Harald Motz

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oh for heaven's sake...
It was a little over half a year since my last session of simple and sinister.
The day before yesterday I did my 201st session. I took the 40k for a swing ride and got up in the end with the 50k which took 28min, 123avg and 139max bpm, without the warm up (which I did).

And yes Geoffrey in this meantime there were developed incredible insights, cues, hints, experiences, affirmations... by this community.

I remembered while practicing the hardstyle swings Anna Cannington:"I have the shoulder pack pretty well on the start, hike, upswing, and top of the swing, but for some reason that downswing I lose it. Slightly better in last few weeks but it’s going to take a while to master it. I did notice just this week that if I keep the palm facing back (instead of rotating the thumb to point towards the back) or even keep the thumb slightly forward, the shoulder has less tendency to come up and forward. If anyone has any tips for this issue I’d love to hear them.:"
I tried it, and from first experience I would say it is a good hint not to internally rotate the shoulder for stability and health, I will take it.

And by the way, this session was a good one my resting heart rate of 49bpm told me the next morning. No PR no great excitement, but another nice stone one a growing trainingchain...

Harald Motz

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oh, I mean thumb. dump. dumb. (I feel a little bit humorous this morning, had a clown for breakfast).

Stuart Elliott

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Your thumb faces away from you. I think someone termed this as a hammer grip. I think Pavel mentioned something on this grip. Geoff recommends it for doubles in strong first. I found it easier on the shoulder and able to keep it packed.
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